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TOP 8 Industrial Valve Manufacturers Around The World In The 2020 Year

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    Since 2020 year, the COVID-19 pandemic has stuck the entire global business and has been affected many industries, especially industrial valves manufacturers.

    The raw material price is so unstable, only for 2021 Jan to Aug, there are already raised 4 time for valve market due to material, include of cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, duplex super steel, etc. No matter is ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, control valves, check valves, or other valves, all affected by the raw material market.

    Based on the Allied Market Research Report the global industrial valves market size is expected to reach $93,664.9 million in 2028, from $58,547.9 million in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 6.0% from 2021 to 2028. Industrial valves are used in process industries for direction, regulation, and control of gases, slurries, liquids, vapors, and others. Industrial valves are mainly manufactured using carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and other high functioning metal alloys to obtain efficient flow control in industries such as water & wastewater, oil & power, food & beverages, chemicals, and others. (If you are interested in more details about this report, please just click here.)

    So we still have faith to expect the industrial valve market. Today we are going to talk about the TOP 8 industrial valve manufacturers around the world in 2020 year.

    NO 1. Definitely Emerson (USA)

    emerson log

    Emerson is one of the valve companies I personally really admired. Emerson is founded in the 1890 year(USA), which has 131 years of history so far. The business range of Emerson includes process control systems, climate technologies, power technologies, industrial automation, electric motors, storage systems, professional instruments, and tools.

    If you want to know which brands belong to Emerson, it will really shock you, you can find it on Wikipedia.

    The most familiar with Emerson’s valve part is the FISHER brand, a typical green painting.

    On the 2020 Emerson annual report, they got $3.1B operating cash flow and $16.8B net sales, return on total capital(after-tax) achieve 16.8% on 2020. That is really impressive data and encouraging results. As you know Since the epidemic has been closed for at least a quarter of the time.

    So definitely Emerson got the first spot I want to give it.

    NO 2. Flowserve (USA)


    Flowserve is a long history integrated company founded in 1790(USA), which means so far it has over 200 years of history. Really shock me a little, Flowserve is 100 years longer than Emerson’s history, 100 YEARS.

    Today, Flowserve is a publicly-traded corporation with $4 Billion in annual sales, 17,500+ employees, operations in 50+ countries, and 300+ locations worldwide.

    flowserve history

    Flowserve’s business range includes pumps, seals, valves, actuation and instrumentation, energy recovery devices, hydraulic decoking systems, and so on.

    At Flowserve’s final financial report ended December 31 of 2020, annual sales $3.728B and the gross profit is $1.116B, but its return on average net assets only 5.2%. You can see every annual report here.

    Different from the FISHER, FLOWSERVE prefers to use red and white painting for their actuator and valves. As following valve product picture of FLOWSERVE is for your reference.

    NO 3. KSB (Germany)

    ksb logo

    KSB is a leading manufacturer of pumps, valves, and related services. KSB is founded in 1871 year(Germany), the business of KSB SE & Co. KGaA includes pumps, valves, and related services for industrial applications, building service, water, and wastewater management as well as energy and mining processes.

    On KSB’s 2020 annual financial report, the sales revenue is €2,208 million, order intake €2,143 million. To the shareholders and business partners letter, we can see the pandemic challenges KSB a lot, its effects demanded adjustment and change at every level, including the management of the company. Through KSB’s realignment implemented, we can see KSB divided their business into three segments, Pump, valves and KSB SupremeServ.

    For the Pumps market, KSB focuses on the general industry, mining, energy, building services, petrochemicals, and the water industry. Based on the pumps market and customers, KSB makes their valve products much more effectively and satisfied customers with optimal solutions.

    NO 4. KITZ (Japan)


    KITZ is founded in 1951 year(Japan), which was the first manufacturer in Japan to start using a brass hot forging press. The KITZ Group has three business segments: the core valve manufacturing business, the brass bar manufacturing business, and others.

    About the valve manufacturing business part, it takes 83.2% of sales. The brass bar manufacturing business takes 15.4% of sales, and others take 1.4% of sales.

    For the year ended December 31, 2020, affected by COVID-19 only March to December resulting in an irregular fiscal year of 9 months. Consolidated net sales fell Yen 9,837 million year on year to Yen 84,245 million. Net sales in the valve manufacturing business fell Yen5,662 million year on year to Yen 70, 129 million.

    Due to slumping demand from the spread of COVID-19 and weak crude oil price, KITZ’s overseas market only China’s sales increased, others include the United States, Europe, and Asia all sales decreased. It’s a hard year not only for KIZT but for many international valve brands.

    The annual financial report you can click here.

    kitz 1

    NO 5. VELAN (USA)


    Velan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial valves, especially forged ball valves, forged gate valves, forged globe valves, forged check valves, and steam traps. This company is founded in 1950, with advanced technology and innovation ability, Velan’s valves most work in critical industry, which is for high pressure, high temperature, or cryogenic conditions.

    In the year ended fiscal 2020, Velan’s sales amounted to $371.6 million, even at the COVID-19 pandemic affected, still have $4.7 million or 1.3% compared to 2019 year. Sales were positively impacted by an increase in shipments from the KSB’s Italian operations which continued to deliver the record backlog, destined to the upstream oil and gas industry.

    NO 6. Bray (USA)

    bray logo

    Bray has over 30 years of global international industrial valve brand, which has been serving over 40 countries. It’s one of the premier manufacturers of flow control and automation products and accessories in the world.

    The main products of Bray include actuators, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, knife gate valves, and other accessories.

    From the Incfact report, last updated on August 16, 2021, Bray’s revenue is $100 to $500 million. Most of Bray’s products are used for alternative fuels, chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage, general industry, HVA, marine & Shipbuilding, mining & metals, oil & gas, pharma & biotech, power/FGD, pulp & paper, and water & wastewater industry.

    NO 7. IMI (UK)


    IMI’s history can be traced back to the 1862 year, for valve business is in charge by IMI Critical Engineering which highly specialized valves and actuators for extreme temperature and pressure, as well as intensely abrasive or corrosive cyclical operations.

    On IMI’s annual report that the 2020 closing order was s £522m – up 1% compared to the 2019 year. The main industries of IMI valves still focused on fossil power, oil & gas, petrochemical, nuclear, marine, and pharmaceutical.

    Oil & Gas orders of £134m were up 9% and were supported by £58m of New Construction LNG orders, as well as 11% growth in Parts. Refining and Petrochemical orders of £177m were down 20%, reflecting reduced new-build activity and maintenance budgets in the year.

    Power orders of £190m were up 5%, with good growth in New Construction coming from projects in gas-fired and concentrated solar power stations. Within Power, New Construction Coal orders totaled only £16m in the year, now less than 3% of division order activity. Coal Aftermarket Parts orders were largely flat in the year, reflecting the resilience of the division’s installed base. Over 60% of these orders relate to valves installed within modern and/or favorably located facilities, providing confidence that this important annuity will continue into the future.

    Marine orders of £33m were 51% lower than last year, which was expected due to a large multi-year order received in 2019. This remains a highly attractive part of IMI Critical’s portfolio which will provide long-term growth given its expanding product offering and geographic reach.
    Nuclear orders increased 38% in the year to £78m, with over 90% of activity within the Aftermarket. IMI Critical benefits from the ongoing investment to install the latest technologies into older nuclear power facilities to significantly extend the lives of those assets.

    Above data from IMI’s official website.

    NO 8. AVK (Denmark)


    AVK is funded in 1941 year, and the main business at first is to produce compressors for refrigeration and refrigerating plants, of which customers most come from local Denmark.

    The AVK Group of companies’ financial report said that the sales came to DKK 6.0 billion in 2019/20, which is a growth of 4% from the previous year. It’s a positive sales despite the impact of pandemics and restrictions implemented across the world to contain the virus.

    avk valves 2

    The AVK Group is focused on 3 main business parts: AVK Water, AVK industrial, and AVK Advanced Manufacturing.

    AVK Water is serving the markets of water and gas supply, sewage, and fire protection with an extensive product range of valves, hydrants, and accessories. AVK Industrial is built upon companies such as Orbinox, InterApp, and Wouter Witzel, which offer a comprehensive program of valve solutions to customers within water treatment, power generation, oil & gas, the marine sector, pulp and paper, mining, the chemical industry, air separation, and other segments.

    THINKTANK is far away from technical with the above TOP 8 valve companies, these leading companies in our valve industry inspire us to make better valves and provide more complete energy-saving and economical industrial process control solutions for customers. So far many people don’t know about THINKTANK, but we have been attended many international projects through engineering, distributors, and brand owners. Including desalination projects, dyeing and finishing textile projects, natural gas projects, and chemical industries. Plant projects, nuclear power projects, power station projects, etc. With affordable prices and high quality, we win many projects. We are so proud of ourselves and will continue to provide customers with better service, added value, and fast delivery time.

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