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China Top 100 Petroleum and Chemical Company For 2021

China is a world leader in the production of petroleum and chemicals. Here we introduce the top 100 companies by market share.
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    The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPEC) and the China Chemical Industry Association (CCEA) have jointly released the “2021 List of Top 100 Petroleum and Chemical Companies in China”. The list is ranked according to the main business revenue of major petroleum and petrochemical companies in 2020 and the public data of listed companies, among which China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC), China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation(SINOPEC), and Hengli Group are the top three on the list.

    Top 100 Chinese Chemical Companies General Ranking

    RankCompany Name
    1China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC)
    2China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation(SINOPEC)
    3Hengli Group 
    4Shandong Energy Group Co., Ltd. (SDE)
    5China National Offshore Oil Corporation(CNOOC)
    6China National Energy Investment Group(CHN ENERGY)
    7Sinochem Corporation(SINOCHEM)
    8Datong Coal Mining Group
    9China National Chemical Corporation(ChemChina)
    10Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum
    11Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry
    12Zhejiang Rongsheng Holding Group Co., Ltd
    13Zhejiang Hengyi Group
    14Shenghong Holding Group Co., Ltd
    15Cedar Holdings Group Co., Ltd
    16Shanxi Coking Coal Group
    17Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd
    18China Coal Energy
    19China Pingmei Shenma Group
    20Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd
    21Huayang New Material Science And Technology Group Co., Ltd
    22Lu’An Chemical Group Co., Ltd
    23Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Co., Ltd
    24China National Chemical Engineering Co., LTD
    25Dongming Petrochemical
    26LiHuaYi Group
    27Wanda Holdings Group Co., Ltd
    28ENN Natural Gas
    29Yuntianhua Group Co., Ltd
    30Wanhua Chemical Group
    31TongKung Group
    32China Risun Coal Chemicals Group Limited
    33ChamBroad Holding Group
    34Shangdong Haike Group
    35Guizhou Phosphorus Chemical Group
    36Panjin North China Liqing Company Limited
    37Shaanxi Pengfei Group
    38Highsun Holding Group
    39Fujian Eversun Holding Group
    40Fujia Group
    41Dongyin Qirun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
    42Tianjin Bohai Chemical Group(BHCC)
    43Qicheng Holding Group
    44Shangdong Wonfull Petrochemical Group
    45Shangdong Jinling Group
    46Fuhai Group New Energy Holdings Limited
    47Huafeng Group
    48Shandong Jincheng Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd
    49Shanghai Huayi (Group)
    50Yichang Xingfa Group Co., Ltd
    51Shandong Qingyuan Group Company Ltd
    52Panjin Haoye Chemical Co., Ltd
    53Shandong Hengyuan Petroleum Chemical Group Limited
    54Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd
    55Xinfengming Group Co
    56Shanxi Lubao Coking Group Co., Ltd
    57Kingfa Sci & Tec Co
    58Hebei Xinhai Holding Co., Ltd
    59Shandong Shouguang Luqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd
    60Luxi Group Co., Ltd
    61Juhua Group Corporation
    62Dawn Group
    63Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co., Ltd
    64Hebei Chengxin Co., Ltd
    65Wantong Haixin Holding Group
    66Yibin Tianyuan Group Co., Ltd
    67North Huajin Chemical Industries Group Corporation
    68Shandong Zhonghai Chemical Group
    69Shandong Kenli Petrifaction Group Co., Ltd
    70Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd
    71Jiangsu Xinhai Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd
    72Shandong Yongxin Energy Group
    73Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd
    74New Solar Technology Group Co., Ltd
    75Befar Group Co
    76Tangshan Sanyou Group Chemical Fiber Limited Company
    77Zhejiang Transfar Group
    78Shengxing Group
    79Wudi Xinyue Chemical Group
    80Shandong Tianhong Chemistry Co., Ltd.
    81COFCO Corporation
    82Sinoma Science&Technology
    83Red Sun Group Co.,Ltd
    84China Kingho Energy Group Limited
    85Kailuan Energy Chemical Co., Ltd
    86Wenlan Tianlan New Energy Co., Ltd
    87Hebei Kaiyue Group
    88Anhui Huilong Group
    89Shandong Rongxing Group
    90Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group
    91Shandong Alliance Chemical Group Limited Company
    92Shandong Haili Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
    93Sailun Group
    94Shaangu Group
    95Guanghui Energy Holding Group
    96Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd
    97Inner Mongolia Junzheng Chemical Co., Ltd
    98Shandong Shangneng Gourp
    99Shandong Shenchi Group
    100Lomon Billions (LB) Group
    billion dollar club of global chemical company

    Billion Dollar Club of Global Chemical Company(China)

    On September 13, 2021, Chemical Weekly released its latest “Billion Dollar Club of Global Chemical Company” ranking. The ranking is based on each company’s 2020 chemical sales, and the threshold for this year’s Billion Dollar Club ranking is $2.8 billion, with BASF, Sinopec, and Dow Chemical occupying the top three spots. German chemical giant BASF continues to hold the top spot, having topped the list 10 times in the past 13 years.

    The top ten chemical companies are not much different from 2020, among which three Chinese companies entered the top ten of the list, namely Sinopec, Formosa Plastics Group, and China National Chemical Corporation, with Formosa Plastics Group and China National Chemical Corporation ranking No. 4 and No. 7 respectively, both up one position from the 2020 ranking.
    In terms of country distribution, chemical companies from the U.S., Japan, China, and Germany predominate, with 28, 16, 13, and 9 companies from the four countries on the list, respectively. Among the 13 Chinese finalists, Hengli Petrochemicals and Rongsheng Petrochemicals rose significantly in ranking, with Hengli Petrochemicals rising from 27th to 14th last year and Rongsheng Petrochemicals rising from 51st to 24th last year.

    2021 Ranking2020 RankingCompany(Headquarters)Chemicals Sales in 2020(Billion Dollar)
    22Sinopec (China)57,042
    45Formosa Plastics Group (Taiwan, China)34,715
    78China Chemical (China)32,031
    1427Hengli Group (China)20,979
    2451Rongsheng Petrochemical14,163
    3942Wanhua Chemical (China)10,163
    44Shanghai Petrochemical(China)9,554
    5435Heng Yi Petrochemical(China)7,472
    6856Tongkun Group(China)5,616
    76Kingfa Sci & Tec Co4,897
    8168North Huajin Chemical Industries Group Corporation4,595
    8384Xinfengming Group Co4,418
    9786Shanghai Huayi (China)3,056

    Due to the impact of the new global crown epidemic in 2020, 78 chemical companies on the list saw their revenues decline, while the remaining 22 companies saw their revenues increase year on year, with the average sales of $11.8 billion for the companies on the list.

    Sales revenue is mainly concentrated between $10-20 billion, with 42 companies in that revenue range and only 14 companies above $20 billion, with BASF and Sinopec breaking the $50 billion mark, and Dow Chemical, Formosa Plastics Group, ExxonMobil, Hercules, and ChemChina with sales revenue of $30-40 billion.

    The following is a rough introduction to the 4 domestic companies Sinopec, Hengli Petrochemical, Rongsheng Petrochemical, and Wanhua Chemical 2021 quarter 1 and 2 results.



    Sinopec achieved operating revenue of 1.26 trillion yuan in the first half of the year, up 22% year-on-year, with profit attributable to shareholders of 40 billion yuan and earnings per share of 0.33 yuan. Sinopec’s performance in the first half of this year was the best performance in the same period in the past three years.

    Sinopec achieved oil and gas equivalent production of 235.29 million barrels in the first half of the year, up 4.2% year-on-year, and natural gas production of 582.6 billion cubic feet, up 13.7% year-on-year. Upstream segment profitability improved significantly, achieving an operating income of 6.2 billion RMB.

    In the refining segment, 126 million tons of crude oil were processed in the first half of the year, up 13.7% year-on-year, and 72.19 million tons of refined oil products were produced, up 7.4% year-on-year. The refining segment’s profit rebounded strongly, achieving an operating income of 39.4 billion RMB.

    In the chemical segment, Sinopec achieved ethylene production of 6.46 million tons in the first half of the year, an increase of 11.9% year on year. The total operating volume of chemical products was 40 million tons. The chemical segment maintained a good level of profitability, achieving an operating income of 13 billion RMB.

    In addition, in the first half of the year, Sinopec completed four sets of hydrogen purification production units in Yanshan Petrochemical, Guangzhou Petrochemical, Gaoqiao Petrochemical, and Hainan Refinery respectively.

    In the first half of 2021, with the nationwide New Crown Pneumonia epidemic under effective control, Sinopec’s sales of refined oil products recovered rapidly, achieving a total distribution volume of 109 million tons of refined oil products. As for the non-oil business, Sinopec achieved a 13.2% year-on-year increase in profit in the first half of the year. In the 2021 China Brand Value Evaluation, the brand value of “EJ” reached 18.4 billion RMB, an increase of 2.3 billion RMB. The profitability of the refined oil sales segment improved significantly, with an operating income of RMB 16.1 billion.

    In addition, under the promotion of “one base, two wings, and three new” industry patterns, Sinopec accelerated the construction of “oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity, and service” integrated energy refueling stations, and the first carbon-neutral gas station and photovoltaic building-integrated gas station were completed and put into operation, and 20 hydrogen refueling stations, 570 charging and exchanging stations and distributed power stations were completed in China. The company has completed 20 hydrogen refueling stations, 570 charging and exchange stations, and 205 distributed photovoltaic power generation stations in China.

    In terms of capital expenditure, Sinopec spent nearly RMB 58 billion on capital expenditure in the first half of the year. The chemical sector spent 19 billion yuan, mainly on Zhenhai and Hainan ethylene projects, Jiujiang aromatics, Yizheng PTA, and other projects. In this regard, Sinopec said that the company pays more attention to quality and efficiency. In terms of investment, it continues to optimize the investment management system and focus on improving the quality and efficiency of investment.

    Hengli Petrochemical

    hengli group

    As the earliest and fastest leader in the development of the whole industry chain strategy of polyester new materials, Hengli Petrochemical has been vigorously expanding the upstream and downstream high-end production capacity in recent years to build a world-class integrated platform development of “crude oil – aromatics, olefins – PTA, glycol – polyester – civil yarn, industrial yarn, film, plastic”. model.

    Rongsheng Petrochemical


    On the evening of August 12, 2021, Rongsheng Petrochemical released its 2021 semi-annual report, during which the listed company achieved operating revenue of 84.416 billion yuan, up 67.88% year-on-year, and a net profit of 6.566 billion yuan, up 104.69% year-on-year, with basic earnings per share of 0.65 yuan.

    For the reasons for the change in performance, Rongsheng Petrochemical said that the overall production of refining and chemical projects is steadily climbing, contributing to the incremental performance of the company; the spread of raw material products has expanded, and the profitability space is significantly improved. In addition, since this year, the global economic resonance recovery, downstream demand rebounded significantly, crude oil-PX-PTA-polyester and crude-chemical industry chain boom continued to recover, so the company’s industry chain product costs and product spreads have expanded, and profitability increased significantly.

    Wanhua Chemical Company


    On July 29, 2021, Wanhua Chemical released its semi-annual report, saying that it achieved operating revenue of 67.657 billion yuan in the first half of the year, up 118.91% year-on-year; operating profit of 16.141 billion yuan, up 382.54% year-on-year; net profit of 13.530 billion yuan, up 377.21% year-on-year.

    The company reported that in the first half of the year, the Yantai MDI plant completed 1.1 million tons/year of technical reform and expansion, the company’s MDI production capacity to further enhance, and one million tons of ethylene and other new devices were put into operation, the production and sales of major products increased year-on-year. In addition, with the easing of the global new crown epidemic, the downstream market demand improved; some overseas chemical plants were affected by extreme weather and other factors, resulting in global supply tension and rising prices of chemical raw materials. The company’s main products increased in volume and price compared to the same period last year, and the operating results in the first half of the year increased significantly.

    Chemical Plants Near Me

    Chemical Plant in China Shanghai

    • Shanghai Paristy Daily Chemical Co.,Ltd
    • Shanghai Lijin Chemical Industry New Materials Limited Company
    • Xiannike Chemical Industry (Shanghai) Limited Company
    • Shanghai Luomen Hasi Chemical Industry Limited Company
    • Shanghai Qingpu Chemical Industry Limited Company
    • Shanghai Fuda Jingxi Chemical Industry Limited Company
    • Shanghai Yuan Yongjingxi Chemistry Limited Company
    • Shanghai Shenxia Biology Chemical Industry Limited Company
    • Shanghai Tanbo Petroleum Chemical Industry Limited Company
    • Shanghai China Chemical Group Company
    • Shanghai Xilong Chemical Industry Limited Company
    • Shanghai Zhonghao Chenguang Chemical Industry New Materials Limited Company
    • Shanghai Langyuan Chemical Industry Limited Company
    • Shanghai Chemical Industry Light Industry General Company
    • Shanghai Xindao Chemical Industry Limited Company
    • Shanghai Donntal Chemicals Co.,Ltd

    In Conclusion, As a professional valve manufacturer, THINKTANK have been served many famous chemical companies around the world, we have rich project experience and standardized processes of production. So if you have a related project in the chemical industry, we are pleased to provide a free consultation.

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    Now, as the marketing director for THINKTANK, a trusted branch of the Taiwan STONE valve group, I can't help butf eel proud of how far we've come. Our knowledge isn't just reaching professionals like engineer and valve distributors; it's also inspiring the next generation of automation college students.
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