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My name is Will Don, and I am a dedicated professional with over 15 years of experience in the engineering and machinery industry, specializing in industrial valve sales and project management. My career began in 2008, and I have been passionately contributing to the industry ever since. My academic foundation is rooted in a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Machinery, which has empowered me to excel in my professional life.


Professional Journey

Initial Career Step (2008)

Fresh out of college with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Machinery, I began my professional journey in 2008, joining the agency of renowned brands such as Siemens, YTC, and Fisher in China. My role centered around sales, focusing on imported valve accessories.

STONE Group - Taiwan (2009)

In 2009, I took a significant step by joining the STONE Group in Taiwan as a Valve Sales Engineer. This role at the Fuzhou factory was instrumental in honing my technical and sales skills.

Promotion to Project Manager (2010)

Recognizing my hard work and dedication, STONE Group promoted me to Project Manager at their Hangzhou branch in 2010. I led industrial valve sales in China, maintaining close communication with the Taiwan headquarters for market insights and technological updates.

Entrepreneurial Venture - Shanghai Branch Co-founder (2012)

In 2012, I embarked on an entrepreneurial path, co-founding the Shanghai branch of STONE. This venture marked the beginning of THINKTANK’s export business in general valves and control valves, overseeing the overseas business of STONE and THINKTANK.

Establishing THINKTANK’s Reputation (2012 - 2023)

Over the years, I have been instrumental in evolving THINKTANK into a reputable control valve brand, boasting collaborations with 47 international brands and expanding market reach to 56 countries, supported by 162 deeply cooperating dealers.

Dual Role as CEO and Marketing Director at THINKTANK (Starting January 1, 2024)

Entering 2024, I will assume the roles of CEO and Marketing Director at THINKTANK. This dual capacity presents a unique opportunity to blend strategic leadership with marketing expertise, steering THINKTANK’s global presence and technological advancements in control valve manufacturing.

Future Aspirations and Commitment (2024 and beyond)

My dual role within the company represents a unique opportunity to combine strategic leadership with marketing acumen to directly influence the direction and growth of THINKTANK in global markets. My goal is to use my extensive experience and innovative strategies to strengthen our brand and ensure that THINKTANK remains at the forefront of technological advancements in control valve manufacturing. I am committed to driving our company to new heights of success, setting new standards in the industry, and providing exceptional service to our customers around the world.
I am proud to lead THINKTANK to continue to high value-added products to our customers. All valves are precision produced and tested, ensuring products durability and reliability in a variety of industrial applications. It is worth noting that our pricing is only 30% of that of international first-tier brands, providing our customers with huge cost benefits without compromising quality and performance.

At THINKTANK, we understand the importance of valve after-sales support. For any engineering company, valve distributor, or end-user, providing professional technical support is crucial for the site, and for dealers or brands, credibility It means everything. We are not just sales a valve, but a reputation for the market. Only by serving end users well then we gain continuous orders and brand influence.
That’s why we offer 24/7 rapid response after-sales service, ensuring our customers receive timely, efficient solutions when their customers need them.
In addition, in the new year, we will devote ourselves to the production of customized industrial valves, develop applications and products for severe working conditions, and continue to expand product sales of storage tank systems, including fire dampers, safety valves, pressure relief valves, breathing valves, etc. Valves, self-operated pressure regulators, nitrogen blanketing valves, pilot operated valves and flame arresters etc.
We will provide a comprehensive solution to meet customers’ unique applications in terms of paint, roughness, dimension, and function, perfectly meeting customers’ operational needs and improving their overall efficiency and productivity, while providing high-quality products, value-added and brand awareness for customers.

Each step represents an important stage in my career and reflects my growth, advancement, and passion for the industrial valve sector.

If you have any questions about related industrial valves, I am willing to use my extensive experience and resources to help you.

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