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My name is Will Don,

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and I am a dedicated professional with over 13 years of experience in the engineering and machinery industry, specializing in industrial valve sales and project management. My career began in 2008, and I have been passionately contributing to the industry ever since. My academic foundation is rooted in a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Machinery, which has empowered me to excel in my professional life.

Professional Journey

Early Career

In 2008, fresh out of college, I joined the agency of renowned brands Siemens, YTC, and Fisher in China. My role was primarily centered around sales, where I dealt with imported valve accessories. It was during this time that I immersed myself in learning about the accessories and functions of industrial valves.


In 2009, I took the next big leap in my career by joining the STONE Group in Taiwan. As a Valve Sales Engineer at the Fuzhou factory, I honed my sales and technical skills further.

My hard work and dedication bore fruit when, in 2010, I was promoted to Project Manager at STONE’s Hangzhou branch. For the next two years, I spearheaded industrial valve sales in China. A significant aspect of my role involved closely communicating with the Taiwan headquarters to keep abreast of market trends and technology updates.

Co-founding the Shanghai Branch

In 2012, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey as a Co-Founder of STONE’s new Shanghai branch. This position allowed me to oversee the overseas business of STONE and THINKTANK, the latter being a branch specializing in industry and trade. This was a monumental milestone as it marked the commencement of THINKTANK’s export business in general valves and control valves.

Current Role

Fast-forward to the present day, THINKTANK has evolved into a reputable control valve brand, boasting collaborations with 47 international brands, including Siemens, Bray, and ABB. Our market reach has burgeoned to 56 countries, supported by 162 deeply cooperating dealers. Despite the challenges brought on by the global pandemic, THINKTANK’s unwavering commitment to reliable quality and exceptional service has enabled a stable growth trajectory.

Future Aspirations

As of 2022, having devoted 13 years of service to STONE and THINKTANK, I remain as committed as ever. The engineering and machinery industry has captured my heart, and I am resolute in my decision to dedicate my career to serving our customers until retirement. It’s not just a job for me; it’s a lifelong passion.

Closing Thoughts

This industry has been the vessel through which I have channeled my youth, energy, and ambition. I am proud of the milestones achieved, and eagerly anticipate the plethora of opportunities the future holds.

Furthermore, I firmly believe in the power of networking and collaboration. I am eager to establish friendships with professionals across diverse industries. Whether you need assistance with something in China or are looking to exchange knowledge in industrial valves, I am more than willing to help and learn from each others. Creating a network that is both supportive and educational is something I highly value. My experience and connections in China and the industrial valve sector could prove to be resources for many, and in turn, I am always open to gaining new insights and knowledge from others.

Please do not hesitate to reach out, and I look forward to forging fruitful relationships and contributing positively to each other’s professional journeys.

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