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STONE Actuators
ST-40, ST-50, ST-63. ST-70, ST-85, ST-100, ST-125, ST-150 8BAR - 120PSI are the most popular products for STONE brand.
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STONE Ball Valves
STONE ball valves are very suitable for steam, the seat and packing have excellent resistance to high temperatures and the raw materials are imported from Japan, which allows STONE ball valves to last long on textile machinery and only require replacement parts, creating higher efficiency and lower costs for the end-users.
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STONE Butterfly Valves
The butterfly valves in textile mills need to be opened and closed frequently, which requires the seat material not only to have the ability of durable elastic sealing, but also to maintain the toughness under the long-term working condition. STONE butterfly valves not only have a tight shutoff performance, but also have a low cost of seat replacement.
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STONE Control Valves
STONE control valves are widely used in various industries, especially in steam and thermal oil applications, with high precision proportional control, stable performance and easy operation.
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Taiwan Stone Valves and Actuators

STONE is a Taiwan company with more than 30 years of experience in valve manufacturing and is a leading valve manufacturer in Taiwan’s textile, dyeing & finishing machinery industry. STONE mainly engaged in ball valves, butterfly valves, aluminum actuators, cast iron actuators, control valves, angle seat valves, and other industrial valves. For more information about electric actuators, you can read this article

thinktank stone valve manufacturer

STONE Aluminum Alloy Actuators

st-40 STONE actuator
ST-40 8bar-120psi
st-40 STONE actuator
ST-50 8bar-120psi
st 70 8bar 120psi
ST-70 8bar-120psi
st 70 8bar 120psi
ST-85 8bar-120psi
st-40 STONE actuator
ST-100 8bar-120psi
st-40 STONE actuator
ST-125 8bar-120psi
st 70 8bar 120psi
ST-150 8bar-120psi
stone st 85 actuator

STONE Pneumatic Actuator Dimensions

stone st 70 actuator
stone actuator taiwan st 100

Standard Specification

ST Series Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator Selection

Before Using a double-acting actuator, we need to determine the torque of the valve, if works for steam/vapor or non-lubricated medium, please add a 25% safety factor. If works for non-lubricated dry air medium, please add a 60% safety factor. If works for non-bribery with gas transport granular medium add 100% safety factor. And for a clean, frictionless lubricated medium just add a 20% safety factor, then according to the air source pressure, find the double-acting torque table, and you can get the right ST model. For example the air supply is only 5 bar, ball valve torque requests 180N.m, the medium is non-lubricated steam, taking into account the safety factor, add 25% equals 225N.m, first look up the air supply 5 bar according to the table, then look up the torque data equal or similar along the vertical, select 247 to 319N.m, then look up the model number along the line to the left, select model ST-125 pneumatic actuator is perfect.

stone st 70 actuator1

ST Series Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator Torque

st actuator torque stone taiwan

STONE Cast Iron Actuators

cast iron actuator2
cast iron actuator2
cast iron actuator2
cast iron actuator2
cast iron actuator2
cast iron actuator2
cast iron actuator

10K SCS13 Ball Valves

scs13 10k 50 ball valve
10k 40 scs13 ball valve with actuator
stone ball valve scs13 10k

STONE Ball Valve Specification

  • Size: 1/2″ to 14″
  • Material: JIS SCS13, JIS SCS14, SCPH1, SCPH2, FC200, FC250
  • Fire-Safe Design
  • Hydraulic Test Standard: JIS B2003
  • Temperature: -20°C to +250°C
  • Mounting Pad Standard: ISO 5211

1000WOG Ball Valves

st+ 3pc ball valve
1inch cf8m
ball valve npt
3 way ball valves 1000wog with actuator
2pcs 1000wog ball valve
3pc ball valve cf8m
3 way ball valves with actuator
three way ball valve 1000psi stone
1000wog ball valve
3pcs 1000wog ball valve welding end
  • Size: 1/2″ to 2″
  • Material: CF8M, CF3M
  • Fire-Safe Design
  • Temperature: -20°C to +250°C
  • Mounting Pad Standard: ISO 5211

STONE 1000WOG ball valves are generally supplied to machinery and equipment manufacturers. The low torque, heavy-duty material, and stable working performance keep the equipment working and save a lot of unnecessary after-sales service for the equipment manufacturers. In Taiwan, 80% of the dyeing and finishing machinery and equipment use the STONE valve brand, for over 30 years, STONE has become a well-known brand of machinery and equipment in Southeast Asia, and we have maintained continuous win-win cooperation with the dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturers.

1000wog ball valve manufacturer

3-Way Ball Valves Flanged Ends Taiwan

three way ball valve cf8m flange 10k
three way ball valve cf8m flange 10k stone

3-Way Ball Valve Specification

  • Size: 1″ to 5″
  • Material: JIS SCS13, JIS SCS14, SCPH1, SCPH2, FC200, FC250
  • Fire-Safe Design
  • Port Type: L Port, T Port
  • Temperature: -20°C to +250°C
  • Mounting Pad Standard: ISO 5211

3-Way Ball Valves L Port

l port ball valves stone taiwan

3-Way Ball Valves T Port

t port ball valves stone taiwan

STONE Butterfly Valves

butterfly valve for dust high temperature
butterfly valve with cast iron actuator
butterfly valves for air water or oil
single acting butterfly valves

VT Cylinder Control Valves FC250

cylinder control valve 0
3 ways cylinder valves
cylinder control valves vt dn50
cylinder control valves vt dn50 dimensions

VT Diaphragm Control Valves FC250

actuated control valve3
diaphragm actuated control valves vt dn50 dimensions
  • Size: 1/2″ to 4″
  • Material: FC250, SCS13, SCS14
  • Pressure Rating: JIS10K, PN16
  • Service: Oil, Water, Air or Steam
diaphragm actuated control valves vt dn50

VT Diaphragm Actuated Control Valves SCS13 10K

actuated control valve1
actuated control valve
actuated control valve 3 way
diaphragm actuated control valve
3 way control valves
samsung digital camera
control valve dn50 pn16
steam control valves 10k 40

VT Control Valves Reference

actuated control valves2
actuated control valves4
actuated control valves1
actuated control valves3
actuated control valves5

Projects Reference

Our VT control valves are particularly suitable for steam service with stable regulation performance. We have rich experience in textile mills, dyeing and finishing machinery, acrylic industry, paper mills, power stations, chemical plants, and other industries. 

The steam proportional control valves are widely used in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. If you are a distributor or want to become a STONE agent, please feel free to consult with us about the partnership.

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