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    Sales Terms:

    • The purchase Order receipt date is not the first day of calculating the delivery date, the first day of delivery starts from the receipt of the payment or L/C.
    • Purchase Orders received on Friday will be treated as received next Monday.
    • In case of drawings approval involved, the delivery date will be started from the receipt of the approved drawings from the customers. THINKTANK will provide the drawings within one week after the award of the purchase order to the customer for review and confirmation.
    • The cancellation after the purchase order is issued of THINKTANK but the production has not been started, will charge 15% of the contract amount payable by the customer.
    • The cancellation after production is not applicable and in case of such cancellation, 100% of the purchase order amount is payable by the customer.

    Payment Terms:

    1. Pay 30% in advance and 70% before shipment by T.T.
    2. Pay 50% in advance and 50% before shipment by T.T.
    3. Pay 100% in advance by T.T.
    4. 100% L/C at Sight from the special customers and L/C should be issued from the world’s first-class bank.


    All valves from THINKTANK are covered 12 Months warranty from the date of installation or 18 Months Warranty from the date of Shipment whichever comes earlier.

    The scope of the Warranty is covered for manufacturing defects only. In case the valve failure is due to the wrong operations by the customer the warranty is not applicable.

    In order to claim the warranty due to the manufacturing defects, the customer needs to prepare a detailed rejection report including the inspection procedure, operational report, pictures of valves, if this report proves that the fault is due to the manufacturing defect, THINKTANK will provide the appropriate solution.

    In case the root cause of valve failure not accomplished by the customer report, then THINKTANK have the right to arrange its own inspection or third party inspection at the customer’s site/plant to identify the cause of failure, in this case, if third party inspector identifies that the failure is caused by the manufacturing defects then the all expenses of TPI will be paid by the THINKTANK, whereas the TPI identify that the failure is due to the wrong operations of the customer then all cost of TPI will also be paid by the customer.

    All information about the customers/projects is kept confidential by THINKTANK and never shared with any third party intentionally.

    Privacy Policy:

    The Catalogues / Data Sheet / Drawings are the property of THINKTANK, and if used by any customer or entity or any individual for production of the valves from any other company after obtaining this data from THINKTANK during the proposal stage, it will be treated as illegal act and the lawful action will be taken against this illegal act according to the applicable law.



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