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Control Valve Sizing Software Free Download

The control valve sizing job may be the most challenging thing for engineers. Many of our customers want to learn about the knowledge of control valves, so we decided to share the free tools related to calculated control valves. Thanks for Doctor Mr.Jon Monsen's share.

If you are not satisfied with the above sizing tool and want to learn more, you can directly refer to Doctor Mr.Jon Monsen’s web. And if you’re going to select the proper control valve for your applications, also welcome to send your inquiry to [email protected]


  • Self-Operated Pressure Regulator Drawing


  • ISO 9001-2015 Certificate
  • CE Certificate
  • SIL3 Certificate-1
  • SIL3 Certificate-2
  • AAA Credibility Grading Certificate


  • Control Valve Sizing Sheet
  • HLC Series/Pneumatic Small-Port Cage-Guided Type Single-Seated Control Valve 
  • HLS Series/Pneumatic Small-Port Single-Seated Control Valve 
  • HTS Series/Pneumatic Top-Guided Single-Seated Control Valve
  • HCB Series/Pneumatic Pressure-Balanced Cage Type Control Valve
  • HAC Series/Pneumatic Angle Type Control Valve
  • HAP Series/ High-Pressure Angle Type Control Valve
  • 510D Series/Pneumatic Labyrinth Cage Type Control Valve
  • HCN Series/Pneumatic Low-Noise Cage Type Control Valve
  • HDB Seies/Pneumatic Double-Seated Control Valve
  • HMT/HDT Series/Pneumatic Three-Way Control Valve
  • HPS Series/Pneumatic Top-Guided High-Pressure Single-Seated Control Valve
  • HSC Series/Pneumatic Single-Seated Cage Type Control Valve
  •  ZZV Series/Pressure Regulating Valve
  •  ZZY Series/Self-Operated Pressure Regulator
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