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Control Valve Sizing Software Free Download

The control valve sizing job may be the most challenging thing for engineers. Many of our customers want to learn about the knowledge of control valves, so we decided to share the free tools related to calculated control valves. Thanks for Doctor Mr.Jon Monsen's share.

If you are not satisfied with the above sizing tool and want to learn more, you can directly refer to Doctor Mr.Jon Monsen’s web. And if you’re going to select the proper control valve for your applications, also welcome to send your inquiry to [email protected]

Valve Accessories Selection Tips

Industrial Valve Design & Inspection Standards

The followings are the most common industrial valve design and manufacturing standards, test and inspection standards. You can freely download it for personal learning.

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3inch natural gas regulator a216wcb thinktank

DN80 Natural Gas Regulator Manufactured in 2018

Yesterday, we received an inquiry for the repair of a natural gas pressure regulator. Upon checking our records, we found that this valve was manufactured ...
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training control valve

Training Sessions on Control Valves

Hello Everyone, I’m excited to share some news with you all directly from THINKTANK’s official website! Over the past few months, we’ve received a myriad ...
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arctic lng 2 liquefaction trains

Контрольные клапаны THINKTANK в проекте Arctic LNG-2

В THINKTANK мы гордимся нашим вкладом в проект Arctic LNG-2, что является подтверждением нашей приверженности поставке высококачественных контрольных клапанов и регуляторов. Наше участие подчеркивает нашу ...
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control valves

THINKTANK Control Valves in Arctic LNG-2 Project

At THINKTANK, we take immense pride in our contribution to the Arctic LNG-2 project, a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality control valves and ...
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dubai seawater desalination project

Passion Like a Beam of Light

Passion, like a beam of light,Illuminates every ordinary soulWho strives with earnest toil,Rendering life brilliantly meaningful,With not a moment spent in vain,Defining the essence of ...
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dn25 pn16 wcb pcv (1)

Pneumatic Single-Seat Globe Control Valves PCV DN25 PN16

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heat shutdown on off valve

Valvula shut off com atuador fusível

A válvula shut-off com atuador fusível é um dispositivo utilizado para controlar automaticamente o fluxo de fluidos em tubulações, especialmente em situações de emergência ou ...
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c95500 nickel aluminum bronze control valve factory thinktank

Engineering Case Studies of C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Control Valves

In modern industry, the choice of control valves is critical for ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and safety of processes. As a leading manufacturer of C95500 ...
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atex ped certificate

Congratulations to THINKTANK Achieve ATEX and PED Certificates For Fusible Link Safety Valve and Breather Valve Series

As the co-founder of THINKTANK, it is with a profound sense of pride and humble excitement that I share a milestone that marks a significant ...
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Self Operated Pressure Regulator

The 18inch Self-Operated Pressure Regulator Super Duplex 2507

The DN450(18″) 150LB self-operated pressure regulator is made from super duplex 2507 material. This pressure regulator is specifically designed for seawater desalination applications, where exceptional ...
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canary bridge data centre phase 39

THINKTANK Delivers 898 Ball Valves Ahead of Schedule to Malaysia

THINKTANK has advanced the delivery of 898 ball valves to a Malaysian client, with all valves undergoing 100% rigorous testing to ensure a 100% qualification ...
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thinktank control valve factory

Top 10 Industrial Valve Manufacturers in China 2024

This article is not just aimed at keeping international brands informed about the latest developments in the Chinese industrial valve industry but also serves industrial ...
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flow conversion table

Fluid Flow Rate Conversion Chart

Flow rate measures the volume of fluid that passes through a specific point within a given time frame, commonly used units include cubic meters per ...
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fire safey valve post

Celebrating THINKTANK’s Milestone: Leading the Way in Fire Safety Valves

Recently at THINKTANK, we had the privilege of publishing an article in “Tank Storage Magazine”(Spring 2024 Page 82) on fusible link fire safety valves, a ...
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control valve with dvc6200

How to Calibration Fisher DVC6200 Positioner

Based on our professional engineering control valve experience, we would detail the operational principles, technical specifications, and steps for troubleshooting or calibrating the Fisher DVC6200 ...
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china electric butterfly valves

Comprehensive Guide to China Electric Butterfly Valve Model

This post is a complete guide to tell you the model of China electric butterfly valves mean.
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