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Control Valves For Chemical Recycling Plant

THINKTANK control valves used for chemical recycling plants - Waste into Products process
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    THINKTANK provides pneumatic globe type control valves for chemical recycling plants process, makes waste into products.

    pyrolysis gas
    pyrolysis gas

    With the focus on environmental protection, plastics recycling technology is becoming more sophisticated, converting plastic waste into synthetic raw materials that can produce basic chemicals and plastics applied in the food industry and the packaging of medical products. 
    As an essential part of process control in chemical recycling plants, THINKTANK’s flow control valves offer precise control, fast response, and a wide range of control strokes, allow

    wing companies to meet their energy needs while striving to reduce their carbon footprint.
    Reducing carbon emissions is now the responsibility and obligation of every business, regardless of the country, and THINKTANK supports all of our customers in their drive to decarbonize, not only in line with our long-term goal of making the world a better place but also to diversify, decarbonize and digitize our products and market operations.

    Case Study:

    THINKTANK provides 6pcs control valves for pyrolysis gas delivered to chemical recycling company

    THINKTANK delivered 6 flanged pneumatic control valves for the pyrolysis plant of a plastic recycling company in Mexico.

    pneumatic globe type control valves for steam system
    pneumatic globe type control valves

    These pneumatic control valves are particularly suitable for the operation of pyrolysis gases in the temperature range of 20 to 100°C.

    Industry: Plastics Recycling Systems – Renewable Energy

    Services: Based on the process parameters that the engineering company provided, we calculate and select the right size of control valves, as well as delivery of control valves and actuators in time. Product name: HTS series single-seated control valves with intelligent positioners.

    Project: Plastic recycling using modern pyrolysis technology

    Plastics Upcycling from Mexico uses plastic waste and makes it usable again through chemical recycling. The resulting pyrolysis gas and oil are recycled back into the value chain, saving fossil resources. 

    This technology makes less exhaust gas, fewer pollutants, and no secondary waste, such as fly ash. Pyrolysis is an improved combustion process with many advantages. All combustible materials can be treated in this way in an environmentally friendly way, for example, materials such as waste products of plastics or waste wood. The result is an unmixed residual waste that can be further processed without difficulty and used for power and heat generation. Thus, modern pyrolysis plants are more environmentally friendly than waste incineration.

    How does THINKTANK work?

    Due to pyrolysis plant is an explosion-proof environment that requires all the electrical accessories of control valves should be ATEX approved. Also, the project is urgent, we have to deliver the goods in a very short time. 

    6 PCS pneumatic control valves DN50 for pyrolysis gases were finished within two weeks, and cost one week delivery to the end-user, so the order was completed on time. Certified according to ATEX standards, they now ensure the safety of employees in the plant.

    Product Details:
    HTS series control valves
    Nominal diameter. DN50
    Pressure nominal CLASS 150
    Valve body material. A216Cr WCB, Carbon steel
    With Siemens SIPART PS2 digital positioner

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