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    What is the Working Mechanism of a Butterfly Valve?

    A butterfly valve is a valve that uses a circular butterfly disc as an opening and closing member and rotates with the valve stem to control the fluid through the valve.
    The butterfly valve is a kind of valve that uses a circular disc as an opening and closing member. It is a mechanical device used for regulating the flow of fluids. The opening depends on rotating the valve stem to the disc plate from 0° to 90°. When the disc reaches 90°, the valve is in a fully open state, and if the disc reaches 0°, the valve is in a fully closed state. The disc of the butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline. The flow capacity is modulated by the angle of the disc.


    • Compact structure design with short face to face, and lightweight.
    • Large CV, large flow capacity make butterfly valves is widely used for a large pipeline.
    • Low fluid resistance. The effective flow area of the butterfly valve port is large, so the fluid resistance is much smaller than other control valves when a valve is in the fully open position.
    • Response fast. The butterfly valve is a kind of rotary valve with 90° travel, so the opening and closing time is short.
    • High performance. The flow capacity can be controlled in stages by the different rotating angles of the disc.
    • Low torque. The butterfly valve has less torque than a ball valve.
    • Excellent tight shutoff. Usually, the butterfly valves use PTFE, EPDM, NBR, and such soft material as a seat, it has excellent flexible performance, when turning 90° valve closing, the disc can be tight touch the seat without any leakage.


    What are the Advantages of Butterfly Valves?

    A butterfly valve is a 90° turn rotational motion valve that is used to on/off or controls the flowing medium in a process. And particularly for large capacity conditions.

    What is the different type of butterfly valves?

    ● Centric Butterfly Valve
    ● Lined Butterfly Valve
    ● Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve
    ● Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

    assembly butterfly valves
    assembly butterfly valves
    butterfly valve installation
    butterfly valve installation
    3d high performance butterfly valves
    3d high performance butterfly valves

    Do butterfly valves have a flow direction?

    As a general rule, a butterfly valve is a bi-direction industrial valve, but it does have a preferred flow direction in case protect valve and extend service life, also with lower operating torque.

    What is the difference between the ball valve and a butterfly valve?
    Ball Valve V.S Butterfly Valve

    Ball valve and butterfly valve both can isolate fluids in the processing system. So what is the exact difference between the ball valve and butterfly valve? We are going to describe the difference from 6 points.

    1. Flow capacity.
      A butterfly valve can provide a larger flow capacity than a ball valve, it is easy to available at a large pipeline.
    2. Application
      Butterfly valves are easy to clean, so they are commonly used in sewage, beer, and soda production, etc. Butterfly valves are very popular in waste treatment plants, chemical, agricultural, and food industries.
      Ball valves can be used at high temperatures or both liquid and gases with some solid particles. They are common in power plants, oil and gas, refining, and so on.
    3. Zero leakage
      If conditions require zero leakages when shut off the medium, a ball valve with a high tight seal than a butterfly and make perfect sealing.
    4. Operating condition
      The ball valve can be used for higher temperature and pressure than the butterfly valve. Usually, below 5.0Mpa and temperature below 250 degrees C can use butterfly valve, higher than data we can use ball valve.
    5. Flow ports
      A butterfly valve only has two ports, while a ball valve could have more than two ports, it can be three ports(T or L type), four ports.
    6. Function
      Ball valve and butterfly valve both can isolation process medium, but also can proportional flow control. But for small sizes, like below DN100, V port or segmented ball valve has better regulating performance than butterfly valve. For large sizes, we can use high performance or triple offset butterfly valves to control the flow capacity.
    7. Costs
      For the same size, definitely butterfly valve more cost-effective than the ball valve(O type).
    ItemButterfly valveBall valve
    WeightLighter weight even at larger pipe diametersVery heavy at larger pipe diameter and may require support
    Installation spaceRequires smaller installation spaceRequires larger space than a butterfly valve
    SizeSuitable for larger pipe diameter (above DN 150), particular due to lightweightBetter suited for smaller pipe diameter (below DN 50)
    LeakageProne to leakages at a high-pressure differenceProvides tight seal even at a high-pressure difference
    CostCheaper than a ball valve, particularly for larger sizesMore expensive compared to a butterfly valve
    Flow controlSuitable for ON/OFF control but can be used for proportional control.Functions well for both ON/OFF and modulating control
    Flow restrictionValve disc restricts flow creating a pressure drop.Full port ball valves have no pressure drop.
    Connection styleIt has a flange style with a lug or wafer designA wide array of connection types with threads or flanges

    What are the differences between butterfly valves and gate valves?

    A leader in the design and manufacture of triple offset butterfly valves in China, THINKTANK is committed to producing high-quality valves for our customers. The high-performance butterfly valves are available in Wafer and Lug designs. It has excellent control ability, tight shutoff, long service life, and smooth operation are provided by the double offset design of the disc. Butterfly valves can be used for applications in the Chemical, Petroleum, Hydro Carbons Processing, Pulp & Paper, Water and Wastewater, and HVAC industries. THINKTANK produces high-performance butterfly valves and triple offset butterfly valves for industries across the world.

    Butterfly Valve vs Gate Valve

    Butterfly valves are a type of quarter-turn rotational motion valve that is used to shut off flow in pipelines. If used for on-off function with normal temperature and low pressure, we recommend selecting a concentric type butterfly valve. For the butterfly valve is mentioned as a control valve to modulate the flow capacity, we recommend using double eccentric or triple eccentric butterfly valves, these types of butterfly valves can suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications in the industry. 

    • Valve Size: 2” (50mm) to 80” (2032mm)
    • Pressure Rating: Class 150, Class 300, Equivalent to DIN
    • Connection: Wafer, Lug, Flange
    • Design Standard: API 609, ANSI B 16.34, ANSI B 16.5
    • Test Standard: API 598, FCI 70-2
    • Leakage: Class VI for PTFE, EPDM, Viton Soft Seats, Class IV for Flexible Metal Seats
    • Flow Direction: One Way or Bi Directional
    • Design & Manufacturing : API 609 Category B, BS 5155, API 607 (Fire Safe)
    • Face To Dimentions: API 609, BS 5155, BS EN 558-1, ISO 5752
    • Flange Dimensions: ANSI B 16.5 (DN 50 to DN 600), ANSI B 16.47 (DN 650 to DN 1500)
    • Pressure Temperature Rating: ANSI B 16.34
    • Valve Inspection: API 598, FCI 70-2
    offest technology for butterfly valves

    Different Offset Design:

    • Concentric butterfly valve
    • Double offset butterfly valve
    • Triple offset butterfly valve.

    Gate valve is the most common isolation valve in industry, with a linear motion to open and close the flow. As its disc is like a gate, so named a gate valve. There are various types of gate valves, knife gate valves, wedge gate valves, parallel slide gate valves, pipeline slab gate valves, and so on.
    Gate valve only works for fully close and fully open, it can not be used for proportion controlling conditions. But as the passageway of a gate valve is unobstructed, which results in minimum pressure loss.
    Due to the unobstructed design of valve passage, so it is very common to work for pig during the pipe cleaning procedures.

    Different Action Type

    Butterfly Valve - Rotary Type

    High Performance Butterfly Valve Design
    butterfly valve gif

    Gate Valve - LinearType

    rising gate valve supplier
    non rising stem gate valve

    Butterfly Valve Manufacuturer
    For Water, Air, or Steam System pdf

    THINKTANK is one of the well-known high-performance butterfly valve and triple offset butterfly valve manufacturers in China, which focus on control systems for over 10 years. If you are interested in the price of butterfly control valves, just feel free to contact us. <[email protected]>

    3 ways control valves catalog pdf
    Butterfly Valves Manual

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