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    What is the Use of a Single Seated Globe Valve?

    Single-seated globe valves are a common type of globe control valve which uses an unbalanced trim with a top-guided design. It has excellent performance of tight shut-off.
    Generally, the single-seated globe valve body is completely interchanged with a cage-guided plug and seat.
    The single-seated globe control valves assembly with a pneumatic/electric actuator, and the medium flows through the single-seated globe valve in the direction indicated by the arrow in the body. The cross-sectional area of flow between the seat and plug is determined by the position of the valve stem.

    single seated globe control valves
    Single-Seated Globe Control Valves with Single Spring Diaphragm Pneumatic Actuator

    Single-Seated Globe Valve V.S Double-Seated Globe Valve

    Single seated globe-type control valves are usually used for tight shut-off but low differential pressure applications. And double-seated control valves are used for large flow capacity and high differential pressure drop conditions. The double-seated control valve has large leakage, so it can’t be tight close very well. 

    single seated globe control valves
    double seat globe control valves
    (a) Single-Seated Globe Control Valve
    (b) Double-Seated Globe Control Valve

    The single-seat globe valve has a seat and a plug. In this type of valve, the actuator thrust will act on the valve plug up to the valve seat, and an upward force is generated during the fluid flow process. The actuator should resist this force to drive the valve fully close. If the valve size is large, more energy needs to be offset by a significant differential pressure drop. So, in general, the single-seated globe valve is not suitable for high-pressure conditions. But if it needs to be used in the tight shut-off function, it is necessary to use a single-seat valve to stabilize the movement and direction of the valve stem through a guide cage. It is essential to pay attention to differential pressure, flow rate, temperature for the appropriate actuator, and trim design during valve selection.

    The double-seated control valve has two-seat and two plugs which design top and bottom guided. Due to process pressure acting upward in one plug and down in the other, the force is balanced.

    pneumatic top guided single seated control valve
    HTS Series

    1. Body 2. Seat Gasket 3. Seat 4. Plug 5. Top-Guided
    6. Seal Gasket 7. Bonnet 8. Packing Spring 9. Packing
    10. Packing Screw 11. Packing Flange 12. Screw 13. Nuts 14. Stem 15. locknut 16. Stem Connector 17. Actuator

    double seated control valves
    HDB Series

    1. Hexagon Bolts 2. Cover Cap 3. Winding Sealing Ring
    4. Bottom Seat 5. Valve Body 6. Plug 7. Sealing Gasket 8. Top Seat 9. Valve Bonnet 10. Stud 11. Hexagon Nuts 12. Packing Spring 13. Packing Set 14. Packing Screw 15. Packing Gland 16. Screw 17. Nuts 18. Stem 19. Locking Nut 20. Indicator 21. Actuator

    Single Seated Control Valve Manufacuturer
    For Water, Oil, or Steam System pdf

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    3 ways control valves catalog pdf
    Single Seat Globe Control Valves Manual

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