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    electric temperature control valve
    • Brushless motor, minimal power consumption, the total running power of the device is 20W.
    • Steel gear drive, resistant to wear and tear
    • High-temperature resistant.
    • Self-test at power-on.
    • Characteristic compensation.
    • With the collection and uploading of temperature and pressure signals.
    • The PID computation that is built in has its own control function.
    • Modular design allows easy selection of analog signal and bus. Wireless and other communication methods.
    • Maintenance-free motor design.

    The Design of Intelligent Electric Actuator

    SEA series intelligent electric actuators and control valves are combined to become electric control valves. SEA intelligent electric actuators use AC24V/2A AC power as a power supply and 0-10V voltage signal or 4-20mA current signal as the control signal, which can make the valve move to the required position and realize automatic control.

    • Power Supply: AC/DC24V
    • Rated Current: 2A
    • Input Signal: 0-10V/2-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA
    • Output/Feedback Signal: 0-10V/2-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA
    globe valve body

    The valve stem is made of 304 stainless steel and can achieve a mirror effect after special processing.

    The valve body is made of cast iron, cast steel, or stainless steel with a precision casting process, and the surface of the valve body is sandblasted with strong adhesion of the paint.

    The plug and trim are made of stainless steel and the flow characteristics can be equal percentage flow or linear adjustment.

    Balanced cavity design for high differential pressure service, free to close the valve even under small thrust.

    The sealing assembly adopts a multi-channel sealing combination, which has strong sealing performance and easy maintenance.

    The stainless steel seat and body are integrated casting, so there is no internal leakage when used at high temperatures.

    The balance cage uses a spring-loaded expansion seal ring, and the higher pressure makes better the seal.

    Metal graphite gaskets are used to seal valve covers with high-temperature resistance and good sealing characteristics.

    Mechanical Brushless Motor

    motor actuators

    Mechanical Brushless Motor


    Mechanical Brushless Motor

    electric hydraulic actuator

    VFQ Series


    VFH Series

    three way flanged cast iron globe valve

    VFG Series

    two way flanged cast iron globe valve

    VFC Series

    electric temperature control valve

    Dynamic Balance Valve

    electric temperature control valve

    Three-Way Mixing Globe Valve

    self acting temperature control valve

    Self-Operated Temperature Regulator


    VFW Series Manual Butterly Valve

    test and inspection of globe valve

    Function Inspection

    hydraulic test

    Hydraulic Test

    globe valve material

    Painting Processing

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