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VF40 Cast Iron Water Control Valve

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VF40 Cast Iron Water Control Valve

VF53 cast steel series electric steam control valves are suitable for continuous control in district heating systems and HVAC systems. It can be assembled with Siemens SAX, SKD, SKB, and SKC series actuators.

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VF40 Cast Iron Water Globe Control Valve

  • Precision casting iron valve body
  • The valve body adopts a pressure balance type, which ensures high shut-off capacity under low force and switches freely under high differential pressure
  • Maximum allowable differential pressure 1000kpa
  • Stem seal using a combination of special seals
  • All-metal connection valve seat to ensure the service life
  • Comply with GB9113 flange connection standard

Technical Parameters

  • Size: DN25 to DN250
  • Nominal pressure: PN16
  • Applicable medium: Water, steam
  • Medium temperature: -20 to 350℃
  • Fluid characteristics: Equal percentage
  • Leakage rate: Kvs ≤0.02%
  • Valve stem, plug, seat: 304 stainless steel
  • Stroke: DN25-100 20mm, DN125-250 40mm
Order NO. Size Kv Value Travel SAX SKD SKB SKC
Model DN (m3/h) 800N 1000N 2800N 2800N
VF40.25 DN25 10 20mm
VF40.32 DN32 12 20mm
VF40.40 DN40 19 20mm
VF40.50 DN50 31 20mm
VF40.65 DN65 49 20mm
VF40.80 DN80 78 20mm
VF40.100 DN100 124 20mm
VF40.125 DN125 200 40mm
VF40.150 DN150 300 40mm
VF40.200 DN200 420 40mm
VF40.250 DN250 580 40mm

Note: ● means selectable actuator, ○ means non-selectable actuator

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