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The Best Cost-Effective Control Butterfly Valves Manufacturer – THINKTANK

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    Quality is Guaranteed

    The non-rubbing resilient metal-to-metal sealing system of the THINKTANK‘s Triple Offset Valve assures bidirectional zero leakage shutoff in even the most demanding applications, and we also manufacture high-performance(double offset design) butterfly valves which have rugged reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field, this high-performance valve provide the highest quality and highest value available for the snowmaking requirements.

    1. Butterfly Valve Flow Control

    THINKTANK is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a quality range of butterfly control valves and other types of control valves. The most two common types of control butterfly valves are high-performance butterfly valves and triple offset butterfly control valves. 

    High-performance butterfly control valves

    High-performance butterfly control valves have a double eccentric design, first offset from the center of the stem to the center of the valve seat, and the second offset from the center of the valve stem to the center of the pipe. 

    double eccentric design of butterfly valves
    double eccentric design of butterfly valves
    double offset butterfly valves
    double offset butterfly valves

    Triple offset butterfly control valves

    The Triple offset butterfly control valves based on the double eccentric of high-performance butterfly valve added extra third eccentric, which consists of an inclined conical profile machined into the valve sealing surface, allowing rotary engagement and disengagement of the seat and seal ring without interference. This triple offset eliminates all rubbing between the seat and seal ring during valve travel, reducing seat and seal wear and extending cycle life. 

    triple offset butterfly control valves
    triple offset butterfly control valves

    Download Triple Offset Butterfly Control Valves Brochure

    2. Butterfly Control Valve Flow Characteristics

    The butterfly control valves are suitable for throttling control high capacity flow process and small pressure drop. As a control valve, the butterfly valve just needs to be operable through 90 degrees to operate the valve open and close. For throttling function, a high-performance butterfly control valve and triple offset control butterfly control valve provide linear flow characteristics and approximate equal percentage flow characteristics.

    flow characteristics
    flow characteristics
    control butterfly valves type
    control butterfly valves type

    3. Triple Offset Control Butterfly Valve Control Range

    The control range of butterfly control valves is approximately 10 to 70% opening, general its  1/3 opening flow capacity is a similar full capacity of the same size for globe type control valves or eccentric plug rotary control valves. So it saves much cost for the end-user at large pipeline flow control process.  

    4. Butterfly Control Valve Cv Values

    Different butterfly valve openings correspond to different CV values (150LB)

    2″501.54.2121620418093 93
    21/ “

    5. Butterfly Control Valve Applications

    Butterfly control valves have a wide application in industrial processes. Here is the typical industry in which THINKTANK butterfly control valves are used for.


    Petrochemcial Plants

    • Brine, CO2 Vapor
    • Propylene Plants
    • Steam Service
    • Propane Gas
    • Maniford Flare Inlet & Maniford Isolation
    • Etylene Plants
    • PSA & Molecular Service
    • Ethylence Crackers
    • Coker Plants
    petroleum refering
    petroleum refining

    Petroleum Refinning

    • Oil Storage Isolation
    • Steam Service
    • Desulphurization System & Tail Gas Treaters
    • Flare Gas, Sour Gas Isolation
    • Hot Cracking Gas
    • Catalytic Cracker Units

    Nuclear Power Plants

    • Containment Isolation
    • Saltwater Service
    • Core Spray Systems
    • Pump Isolation
    • Seawater Desalination System
    fossil power plant
    fossil power plant

    Fossil Power Plants

    • Pump Isolation
    • Condenser Cooling
    • Pump & Steam Extraction Isolation
    • Heat Exchanger, Condenser Cooling Isolation

    Central Heating

    • Thermal Power Plant
    • Heat Exchange Station
    • Boiler System
    • Hot Water Pipeline
    • Steam Service


    lng valves
    lng valves
    • Liquid Gases
    • Natural Gas Service
    • Oil Field Recovery System
    • Gasification Plants & Storage
    • LNG Service

    6. How a Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Works?

    The working principle of the pneumatic butterfly control valve is derived by compressed air power to the pneumatic actuator and rotating the stem or shaft of the butterfly valve to the open or close through the disc.

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