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How to Find a Reliable Control Valve Supplier in China?

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    What are Control Valves?

    From establishing a firm, factory, or mill to maintaining its quality, control valves play one of the most critical roles. Like a regulator or operator, a power-operated control valve is used to manipulate, regulate, or operate the flow of oil, water, gas, and steam.

    The valve disk or plug changes its position by an actuator. These control valves are to a set point to obtain desired results. These set-points are generally pressure, flow, rate, density, liquid level, or concentration.

    THINKTANK – The Reliable Control Valve Supplier

    For nearly two decades, THINKTANK has been proudly working with reputable firms and industries by providing their incomparable control valves of various types for several applications. With a considerable amount of pleased customers, THINKTANK is the most reliable control valve supplier in China. THINKTANK has outlasted the level of satisfaction and reliability by providing our outstanding services to more than thirty countries. From globe-type control valves, control globe valves to pressure control valves, THINKTANK never let their customers’ hopes down.

    THINKTANK’s products are used for oil, gas, chemical storage, water, wastewater, chemical, petrochemical, and refining plants to control and process the flow rate. We provide a variety of sizes in control valves with high efficiency and durability. From major to minor, technical to mechanical, we got the best solution to your application needs and problems. Our valves can be modified, on your requirement or demand, for continuous control or limit switches.

    The control valves having an angle, globe and three-way bodies can be ordered, as they are available in an extensive series of sizes.

    Our Control Valves Components and Composition

    Our control valves installation consists of four significant parts, and they are

    • Valve Body (includes a bonnet and trim parts to endure fluid flow and pressure)
    • Actuator (hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrically power-driven devices to open and close the valve)
    • Positioner (controls the position of the actuator to a desire set point)
    • Valve Accessories (includes position indicators, limit switches, handwheels, pressure regulators, and power-operated pneumatic transducers)
    dn300 150lb
    Pneumatic Control Globe Valves DN300 150LB, A216Gr WCB, SS316, RF

    We Offer a Variety of Control Valves

    What makes us unique is that we believe in innovation. We know that a progressing industry requires different needs and faces many challenges. Our globe control valves aim to solve such challenges and meet those needs with our innovative technology. This innovation allows us to possess a wide variety of control valves. Some of them are listed below:

    • Globe Valves
    • Power Plant Valve
    • Cage-Guided Control Valves
    • Automatic Recirculation Valve
    • Single-Seated Control Valves
    • 3-Way Globe Type Control Valve
    • Pressure Control Valves
    • On/Off Globe Control Valve
    • Pneumatic Globe Control Valves

    Why Choosing THINKTANK?

    Several logical reasons make THINKTANK a reliable control valve supplier, not only in China but also in the whole world. These are:

    • The assurance, details, and quality of each of our products meet European Union (EU) market standard.
    • We consider serving our customers with honesty and integrity, far beyond their expectations.
    • Whether there is only one control valve or more, we carry out the business professionally.
    • THINKTANK is a replacement of various international brands as it is economical but of supreme quality.
    • Our latest and improved equipment of maintenance will never let any of our products out of order.

    Contact Us

    With expertise in valves and rich experience in the oil&gas, chemical industry, textile mills, power plants, and sugar mills. THINKTANK has become the premier manufacturer of next-generation precision control valves.

    With a customer base that includes over 42 of the world’s leading engineering&contractors and international valve brands, THINKTANK Valves offers cost-effective valves that help our customers achieve automated process control without paying high prices.

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    We have provided OEM services for 26+ international brands, including the top 500 valve & instrument companies. We believe that we will bring you more sustainable profits.

    Grow Your Business is Our Top Priority. Contact Now You Will Get More Than Expect.

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