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How control valve factories in China can provide such a cheap price?

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    Don’t doubt your eyes, it’s all true!

    Maybe this happened to you too.

    The low price has gained your trust, but the damage done to you is far more than money, more is the destruction of your business reputation. Here is an example we have met.

    I always have a question that why some suppliers can give an unbelievable price for control valves but THINKTANK can’t?  Until one of our potential customers finds us for help…

    These control valves buy at a very low & unbelievable price. The photo shown is the NEW control valve, yes, it’s not used. 

    In the end, these control valves were rejected by the end-user, and the supplier of this control valve refused my customer to return or exchange the product and did not agree to improve the valve, a very negative response.

    My customer hopes that we can help him improve the quality and appearance of the control valve so that the end-user can accept it. Otherwise, he will lose a lot of money.

    To be honest, at the beginning we rejected this repair work, which requires a lot of work and is much more difficult than making a new control valve. But eventually, I accepted the job, not only we wanted to open up opportunities for cooperation with this client, but we were curious about why others can achieve such a low price and we can’t. How did they do it? See the appearance, The moment we disassemble the valve, we understood why THINKTANK could never achieve such a cheap price.

    (The following words were updated on September 16, 2021)

    One of my customers like a friend, said when you choose a new supplier for your business, be very careful, the disappointment of poor quality lasts much longer than the joy of low prices. I can’t agree more and It’s really inspired me a lot.

    What we have is ISO9001, CE, SIL, AAA credit certificates.

    It’s shamed that some China suppliers make a perfect product picture but the delivery quality is completely different. I don’t know other fields, but for control valves and pressure regulators fields, these things happened a lot. Fake certificates, if a customer really checks the validity of the certificate, most of you will disappoint due to can’t be tracked. Especially for most typical industry certificates, like API6D. It’s about a profit, money, or business, it’s about reputation and credibility. Why are so many end-users forbidden to China suppliers to biding? because we do a bad experience for them. Consider and figure out the problem from ourselves.

    I say a lot of these words not to show how THINKTANK is so wonderful or of incredible quality, we don’t have API certificates, we don’t have DNV. Honest to our customers, if we do only we can do, we accept the biding only we have the capability. We really don’t want customers to lose money, lost business, lost reputation.

    In the current economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 effect, Every penny is earned too hard, every single business requires a lot of effort, every contract is the trust of customers in us. Yes, maybe our stubbornness will make us lose many customers, due to we don’t have the required certificates, the price can’t meet the target budget and such we can’t make it issues. But we really proud that once customers choose us, we never let them down, and we gained more long-term partners and friends.

    Every THINKTANK People Always follow Open, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Credibility, Reliability

    THINKTANK®️ has totally different design of control valves, each part of the control valve is standard produce. The following pictures are just parts for your reference.

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