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GZT644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve

The GZT644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double-Disc Gate Valve is a robust and versatile valve system offering many unique features and benefits. This guide will cover its installation, use, maintenance, structural features, working principle, parts and materials, and application specifications.
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    The GZT644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Twin Disc Gate Valve is equipped with a ceramic liner inside the body, contributing to its exceptional performance in dry ash conveying systems and hopper pumps. This type of valve is especially well-suited for high-abrasion industries, such as mining, papermaking, chemicals, etc. The valve’s ability to withstand high levels of wear and tear makes it a valuable asset in these demanding fields. Moreover, it’s designed to function efficiently at temperatures up to 200℃, further emphasizing its versatility and robustness in various industrial applications.

    pneumatic actuator ceramic valve transformed
    pneumatic ceramic double disc gate valve

    Specification For GZT644TC Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve

    • Product Name: Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve
    • Model: GZT644TC
    • Size: 2″ ~ 36″
    • Nominal Pressure: PN10/16, ANSI Class 150LB/300LB
    • Design and Manufacture: GB/T 12224, ASME B16.34
    • Face-to-Face Dimension: Manufacturer’s Standard, ASME B16.5 & B16.47
    • Flange Dimension: JB/T 79.1, ANSI B16.5, DIN 2543, JIS B2020
    • Inspection and Test: GB/T 9092, ASME B16.34
    • Material Standard: GB/T 12229 for Carbon Steel, GB/T 12230 for Stainless Steel

    Structural Features

    Cylinder Actuator

    Utilizes a cylinder to drive the gate up and down, resulting in fast opening/closing.

    Double Gates

    These adopt floating connections to provide reliable one-way seals. The floating connection helps distribute friction evenly, increasing service life.

    Anti-Wear Ceramics

    Sealing surfaces are lined with anti-wear ceramics, offering excellent resistance to abrasion.

    Compact Design

    Easy for transportation, installation, and maintenance.

    Working Principle

    The cylinder drives the gate to move downwards via the stem, engaging the sealing surfaces of the gate and body, thereby closing the valve. The reverse movement makes the valve open.

    Main Parts and Materials

    BodyCF8 /A216Gr. WCB
    DiscCF8 / A216Gr. WCB/Ceramic
    BonnetCF8 /A216Gr. WCB
    Bonnet GasketGraphite
    GlandASTM A276 304
    YokeASTM A216 WCB
    Outside Screw RodASTM A276 304
    Seat RingASTM A276 304
    Seat Ring SealFlexible Graphite
    Seat Ring GasketPTFE
    HandwheelIron Steel

    Main Dimensions

    pneumatic ceramic double disc gate valve drawing
    pneumatic ceramic double disc gate valve drawing

    Installation, Use & Maintenance

    Before Installation

    Clean the valve and remove any defects that may have occurred during transportation.


    Ensure that the marks and nameplate on the valve align with operating requirements.

    Installation Direction

    This valve can be installed on pipelines at any angle.


    The valve should be either fully open or fully closed when in use. Using it as a throttle valve may result in faster wear.

    Long-Term Storage

    Store in a dry, ventilated room with periodic checks to prevent rust.


    Avoid knocking during transportation to prevent damage.

    If your application includes dry ash conveying systems and hopper pumps, high abrasive industries, mining, Pulp and paper industry, and chemical, please feel free to contact a THINKTANK representative, our pneumatic ceramic double disc gate valves are capable of high-temperature operation and are especially suitable for applications in granular media.


    I am the author of this article, and also the marketing director of THINKTANK, with 15 years of experience in the industrial valve industry. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time.

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