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Fire-Safety Valve with a Fusible Link

Fusible link valve manufacturer THINKTANK in China, we provide an excellent quality fusible link shutoff valve at an affordable price.
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    Over 20pcs fire safe fusible link shut off valve are ready for shipment for our customers in Malaysia.

    Fusible link valves are designed to automatically shut off any gas or liquid in the pipeline when the fire is present. This ensures that fires don’t spread and offers better performance than standard shut-off valves. Heat-sensitive elements will shrink and cause the fusible top work assembly to open, cut off fluid flow through a pipe, and prevent fuel leakage.

    fire safety valve with a fusible link thinktank
    fire safety valve with a fusible link thinktank

    Fusible links are designed to melt at a predetermined temperature and release pressure.
    The fusible link serves as a pressure release and shutoff valve used to prevent the overpressurization of equipment and/or piping systems. It allows pressurized fluid to discharge through a pipe into the atmosphere or into another section of piping.
    The fusible link can be set to melt at different temperatures depending on the type of gas or liquid that is being used, such as natural gas, propane, oil, water, etc.

    fusible link fire valve thinktank
    fusible link fire valve thinktank

    Fusible links are fast-acting shutoff devices that, once activated by high temperature, release pressure rapidly to protect equipment and/or systems from damage due to overpressurization. The fusible link consists of a length of wire or ribbon of fusible metal with two small arms at either end. The fusible metal used is an alloy that has a low melting point, generally the same as or lower than the pressure-containing medium being protected against overpressurization.

    A fire-safety valve with a fusible link is an important safety device in the event of a fire on naval vessels, as a fire extinguisher is not sufficient on its own to prevent the risk of explosion from overheating oil tanks.

    fusible link valve made in china
    fusible link valve made in china

    If there is ever an emergency situation where you need to shut off your gas supply line quickly and safely this will do it for you!

    Contact us today if you would like more information about our fire-safety valves with fusible links! We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service! You can get fusible link valves from THINKTANK, and build your own brand.

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