What Is Valve Means

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Valve is an important part of many industries and its accounts for a large proportion of investment in industrial projects. Find out what it means and why it’s so important to know what it does.

Valves and Regulators Used for Tank Blanketing System – Tank Pressure Control

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THINKTANK has been participating in many projects on liquid storage tanks, tank blanketing, natural gas, air/oil/gas utilities, pressure reduction, and food & beverage. Since our distributors ask for share knowledge of tank pressure control systems, based on our tank blanketing valve, gas back pressure regulator, gas pressure regulator, pressure reducing regulator, gas&tank blanketing regulator is […]

How to Find a Reliable Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Supplier in China?

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves Manufacturers Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves Manufacturer -THINKTANK Step 1: Research Before buying a butterfly valve triple eccentric, you need to know about it. You can learn more about them from various sources such as Wikipedia. Listing the search result of valve manufacturers for butterfly […]

What are Valve Standards?

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Many kinds of valves are used in the industrial process, and to ensure proper functionality, compatibility, and safety for end-users, EPC, or engineering, every country has particular organizations to make standards. The major standard organizations include the American National Standards Institute(ANSI), American Petroleum Institute(API), The American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME), British(BS), China valve standards(GB, JB, […]

What are the Physical Properties of Media

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Critical Temperature (Tc) The maximum temperature at which a gas can be converted into a liquid by an increase inpressure. Critical Pressure (Pc) The minimum pressure would suffice to liquefy a substance at its critical temperature. Above the critical pressure, increasing the temperature will not cause fluid to vaporize to give a two-phase system. Critical […]

What is Difference Between V-port Ball Valves and Globe Control Valves?

v port ball valve and control valve

In the automation, it will use a v-port ball valve or globe type control valve to regulate the process pressure, temperature, or flow rate, but how to know where should be used v-port ball valve, or globe control valve is important for engineer’s selection.So understanding the differences between v-port ball valves and globe control valves […]

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