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Badger Meter: Comprehensive Analysis and Role in Modern Flow Measurement

Delve deep into Badger Meter's history, its innovative solutions, and its industry impact. Discover how it stands out among competitors and what the future might hold.
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    Ever wondered about the ins and outs of Badger Meter? From its historical roots to its modern applications, this comprehensive article sheds light on its significance in flow measurement.

    Historical Background of Badger Meter

    Badger Meter was founded founded in 1905 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Initially, the company’s focus was on producing frost-proof water meters, which were essential in cold regions. Over the years, the company grew and became a leader in water technology. They create tools to measure and control water flow for water utilities, cities, and businesses.

    Growth and Expansion

    Over the years, Badger Meter expanded its product range, moving from basic water meters to more modern manufacturing sophisticated flow measurement technologies and related products.

    The company began to serve various industries, including water utilities, municipalities, and industrial customers.

    vortex flow meters
    vortex flow meters

    Innovation and Product Development

    Throughout more than a century of its history, Badger Meter has been known for its innovation in flow measurement technology.

    The company developed a range of metering solutions, from electromagnetic to ultrasonic and coriolis flow meters.

    Global Expansion

    Badger Meter expanded its operations globally, with its products being used in over 100 countries.

    The company made several acquisitions over the years to further expand its reach and product offerings.

    Recent Developments

    As of the last update, Badger Meter continued to be a leader in flow measurement technology, focusing on sustainability and smart water solutions. They’ve also placed an emphasis on smart metering and connectivity, offering solutions that help customers manage water resources more effectively.

    Badger Meter announced its third quarter 2023 earnings release, which was scheduled to be issued before the market opened on Thursday, October 19, 2023.

    They reported record results for the second quarter that ended on June 30, 2023.

    Similarly, they also reported record results for the first quarter, which ended on March 31, 2023.


    In a significant development, Badger Meter acquired Syrinix, Ltd. on January 5, 2023. Syrinix, established in 2010, is known for providing intelligent water solutions with high-resolution features.


    Products and Services in Badger Meter

    Badger Meter offers a wide range of products tailored to specific industries and applications. The following are the parts of their products.

    1. Mechanical Water Meters

    Uses: Used mainly for residential, commercial, and industrial water measurement. Ideal for potable water applications.

    2. Electromagnetic Flow Meters

    Uses: Measures flow of conductive liquids in wastewater, industrial processes, food and beverage, and more. Known for their accuracy and lack of moving parts.

    electromagnetic flow meters
    electromagnetic flow meters

    3. Ultrasonic Flow Meters

    Uses: Measures the flow of liquids without any sign of obstruction in the pipe. Often used in pure water, chemicals, and raw wastewater.

    ultrasonic flow meters
    ultrasonic flow meters

    4. Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

    Uses: Provides direct mass flow measurement, suitable for liquids, slurries, and gases. Common in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing.

    5. Turbine Flow Meters

    Uses: Measures flow based on the rotation of a turbine in the fluid stream. Used in water distribution, chemical injection, and HVAC systems.

    turbine flow meters
    turbine flow meters

    6. Valve Positioners and Controllers

    Uses: Controls fluid flow by adjusting valve position. Ideal for automated process control in various industries.

    7. Flow Monitors and Controllers

    Uses: Provides digital display of flow rates and totals can also control pumps, valves, and alarms based on flow conditions.

    8. Data Solutions and Software

    Uses: Collects, manages, and analyzes flow data. Helps utilities and industries optimize their flow processes, detect leaks, and improve resource management.

    type 564 three way and diverting valve
    type 564 three way and diverting valve

    9. Valves

    Badger Meter offers a range of valve products to cater to various applications. Here are some of the valve products from Badger Meter:

    Precision Control Valves

    Manufactured to meet critical and demanding applications.

    ② Research Control Valves (RCV)

    A range of precision control valves with accessories tailored for the most critical applications.


    ③ RCV Actuators

    • Pneumatic Actuators: Includes Types 754, 755, 759, 766, PA35, PA58.
    • Electric Actuators: Features the SEVA 100, SEVA 200, and EVA-1 models.
    • SRD/SRI Valve Positioners: These are smart water meter valve positioners that offer diagnostic information about performance and more.
    type 807 low flow control valve

    ④ Process Control Valve

    This valve ensures durable flow meters and control, helping maintain production efficiency, especially in sectors like refining, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

    type 808 bellows sealed global control valve
    type 808 bellows sealed global control valve

    Industry Application

    Badger Meter specializes in a variety of flow measurement and control products. Here are the key industry applications for Badger Meter’s products based on the provided search results:

    1. Water Utilities and Municipalities

    Badger Meter offers products for flow measurement, water quality, and control, catering to the needs of water utilities and municipal setups.

    2. Commercial Enterprises

    Many commercial entities, ranging from large corporations to smaller businesses, make use of Badger Meter’s offerings for their water and wastewater flow measurement and control needs[1].

    3. Industrial Flow Measurement

    Badger Meter’s technology can measure and control a wide variety of substances moving through pipes or pipelines. This includes but is not limited to water, air, steam, oil, and other liquids[2].

    4. Test and Measurement Market

    The Cox® Precision metering products by Badger Meter provide precise flow measurement solutions tailored for this market, highlighting their commitment to accuracy and precision.

    5. Precision Industrial Applications

    Again, the Cox® Precision metering products are highlighted, suggesting that industries requiring highly precise flow measurements are a target market for these products.

    6. Hydronic Applications

    A specific meter mentioned is ideal for various hydronic applications. This encompasses areas like cooling tower blowdown, chilled water, makeup water, condenser water, and condensate.

    How Badger Meter stands out in the market

    Badger Meter distinguishes itself in the market through several key factors:

    • Record Financial Results: Badger Meter has reported record financial results, as demonstrated in the second quarter of 2023, showcasing the company’s strong performance and robust growth[1].
    • Differentiated Smart Water Solutions: One of the primary reasons for Badger Meter’s success is its differentiated smart water solutions. Their products and services in the realm of smart water management set them apart in the industry.
    • Favorable Market Conditions: The company has been able to leverage favorable market conditions, which, combined with sound execution strategies, have contributed to its success.
    • Transition to Radio Connectivity: Badger Meter is at the forefront of the projected transition in the North American water meter market from manual read meters to meters with radio connectivity.
    • Execution of Growth Strategy: Their short and longer-term results point towards a differentiated execution of a growth strategy, signifying strategic planning and implementation.
    suez water technologies solutions2
    suez water technologies solutions2

    Case Studies

    Badger Meter has had notable successes in real-world applications, which have positively impacted various communities and utilities. Here are some highlights:

    • Smart Water Solutions: Badger Meter has been instrumental in offering smart water solutions. Real-world examples showcase how customers benefit from these solutions in areas such as water quality monitoring and addressing contamination issues.
    • Hermiston, OR Implementation: The water department of Hermiston, Oregon, turned to Badger Meter’s cellular network solutions to improve efficiency, tackling labor and financial challenges they were facing.
    • The Smart Water Show: Morrice Blackwell, a Senior Solution Architect at Badger Meter, hosts an online show highlighting vital smart water topics, technologies, and their practical applications, further promoting the real-world utility of their offerings.
    • Analytics Tools for Conservation: Badger Meter’s analytics tools assist utilities in achieving their water conservation goals. These tools, backed by their innovative flow measurement and water quality products, support water utilities and municipalities in their conservation efforts.
    • Operations Management at ACE13: At the ACE13 technical session, industry experts from companies including Badger Meter shared insights on improving operations management through integration, further showcasing Badger Meter’s commitment to advancing the industry.
    dow water process solutions2
    dow water process solutions2

    Trends and potential future developments for Badger Meter

    Badger Meter has exhibited a proactive approach in adapting to industry trends and ensuring its offerings remain at the forefront of flow measurement technology. Here are some of the key trends and potential future developments:

    Smart Cities and Water Management

    Modern urban centers are shifting towards smart water management solutions. Badger Meter is actively participating in this trend with innovations like AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), cellular, and LoRaWAN networks, aiming to make cities more sustainable and resilient.

    1. AMI vs. AMR

    The benefits of AMI over AMR (Automated Meter Reading) will likely continue to push utilities towards adopting the former for more efficient water management, given the deeper insights and real-time data AMI offers.

    2. Growth in Demand

    The market for Badger Meter products is expected to grow, especially due to the increasing emphasis on efficient water management in urban areas and technological advancements in metering solutions.

    3. Integration of IoT and Big Data

    As the future of smart metering evolves, the integration of IoT, big data, and analytics will play a pivotal role. Badger Meter has been actively incorporating these technologies to enhance their water management solutions.

    4. Strategic Acquisitions

    Badger Meter’s acquisition of Flow MD, a specialist in flow measurement and calibration, suggests a future direction towards expanding their product and service offerings, potentially entering related fields.

    5. Global Demand for Flow Meters

    With the rising global emphasis on water conservation and sustainability, there’s a growing demand for flow meters. Badger Meter, being an industry leader, will likely introduce more innovative solutions to cater to this demand.

    THINKTANK: A Leading Manufacturer of Control Valves in China

    THINKTANK is a prominent manufacturer based in China, specializing in metering control valves, research control valves, water control valves, and other water industrial valves. Catering to a broad spectrum of water systems, our product offerings rival established brands such as Badger Meter. THINKTANK’s standout products include metering control industry leading water solutions valves and research control valves tailored for Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. we offer not only of dependable quality but also present a cost-effective solution, ensuring significant savings for equipment manufacturers and end-users alike. These valves have found applications in an array of industries, including desalinated brine processing, sewage purification, water deionization, the food sector, waste salt desalination, and in the electronics and battery manufacturing sectors. Through a combination of reliability and affordability, we solidifies our position as a good choice for industries seeking efficient water system solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistant for your water projects.

    barstock control valve for ro system
    barstock control valve for ro system


    After working in the water sector, I had the opportunity to become familiar with various water metering technologies and flow solutions. Badger Meter is a company that has always impressed me. With a heritage spanning over 115 years, they offer comprehensive solutions from flow measurement to water quality monitoring. I have seen firsthand how they prioritize innovation, particularly in flow measurement and water control products that meet the needs of municipalities, water utilities, and various commercial and industrial sectors.

    One thing that caught my attention was their detailed explanation of a flow meter, which is an instrument that accurately monitors, measures, or records the flow, volume, or mass of a gas or liquid. The progress they have made in water quality monitoring and wastewater solutions, especially the integration of smart sensor technology, allows valve fellows like us to learn advanced technologies from them and contribute as much as we can to better solve water shortages and sustainable development. . THINKTANK hopes to join forces with more water treatment equipment manufacturers to work together for our one green earth.

    2 way research control valve trc250
    2 way research control valve trc250

    FAQ-Badger Meter

    1. What is a Badger Meter used for?

    Badger Meter is used for flow measurement, water quality monitoring, and control in various sectors such as water utilities, municipalities, and commercial industries.

    2. How do you read a Badger Meter?

    While specific details on reading a Badger Meter aren’t provided, many of their meters have easy-to-read LCD displays that report consumption, rate of flow, reverse-flow indication, and alarms.

    3. What is a badger flow meter?

    A Badger flow meter is a device designed to accurately measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid. Badger Meter specializes in these flow measurement devices.

    4. How do you read a Badger smart water meter?

    A Badger smart water meter would typically have an LCD display that indicates consumption, flow rate, and other data. Specific reading methods may vary by model.

    5. What does Badger Meter sell?

    Badger Meter sells flow measurement, water quality, and control products, catering to water utilities, municipalities, industry, and commercial sectors.

    6. Where are badger meters made?

    Badger Meter has its World Headquarters located at 4545 West Brown Deer Road in Brown Deer, WI. Moreover, Badger Meter is noted to be the only American manufacturer of commercial meters. They have various manufacturing facilities, innovation centers, sales offices, and warehouses, with the primary aim to optimize, use, and minimize waste of water resources.

    7. What is a badger water meter?

    A Badger water meter is a product from Badger Meter, an industry-leading innovator in flow measurement, water quality, and control products. These meters are primarily designed for measuring the flow of water, and they are used by water utilities, municipalities utility water well, and commercial entities. Badger water meters can come with various features, such as the ability to monitor water usage in real-time and setting up alerts for potential anomalies like leaks or tampers.

    8. What are the three types of water meters?

    The various types of water meters can be broadly categorized into the following:

    • Positive Displacement Meters (PD Meters): These meters have a mechanism that measures the water volume directly and are highly accurate for low flow rates.
    • Velocity Flow Meters: These meters measure the velocity of water flow and use this data to calculate the volume of water passing through. Subtypes include Multi-jet meters, Turbine meters, and Compound meters.
    • Electromagnetic Water Meters (Mag Meters): They measure the flow of water using the principles of electromagnetic induction. They are especially suitable for fluids with particulate matter or impurities.

    9. How do you calibrate a Badger water meter?

    Calibrating a Badger water meter ensures accurate water measurement. While the search results provide some information regarding calibration, they don’t offer a step-by-step procedure. However, based on the available data:

    Step 1. Understand the Type of Meter

    Badger offers various types of meters, such as the Turbo Water Meter and the Recordall. Ensure you identify the specific type you’re working with as calibration methods might slightly differ.

    Step 2. Use Proper Calibration Solutions

    Badger Meter offers precision calibrations for different mediums, including air, gases, water, solvent, and blended oil. Utilizing these calibration solutions ensures accurate results.

    Step 3. Refer to the User Manual

    The user manual will provide detailed instructions specific to the model of the meter. Follow the procedures carefully to ensure accurate calibration.

    Step 4. Electronic Scalable Transmitters

    For meters with electronic scalable transmitters, run tests to determine the amount of water delivered versus the amount displayed on the meter. Adjust the settings until both values match.

    Step 5. Seek Online Guidance

    There might be online tutorials or videos, such as the one on YouTube, that can provide visual assistance for calibrating specific Badger meters.

    For a comprehensive procedure tailored to your specific Badger water meter model, it’s advisable to refer to the user manual or contact Badger Meter’s technical support.


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