Control Valve Failure Position 101

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An important design parameter for control valves is the position to which the valve will “fail” if power or signal is lost. There are many types of failure position designs in industrial process control, and this article analyzes the 6 main failure positions.

Learn How to Selection of Control Valve Actuators

process control loop

This article is about how to select the right actuator for the control valve. There are various types of actuators that can be assembled with control valves, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, or hydraulic actuators, how to select the right actuator for the control valve is an important thing.

Control Valves 101: Valve Types, Applications, Components, and Accessories

globe type control valves thinktank

The role of control valves in the industrial process loop is becoming increasingly important. As a reliable control valve manufacturer, we would like to introduce the different types of control valves, components, functions, application scenarios, and valve accessories, in a systematic and professional way in this article. Basic Introduction to Control Valves In this section […]

The Best Cost-Effective Control Butterfly Valves Manufacturer – THINKTANK

triple offset butterfly control valves

Quality is Guaranteed The non-rubbing resilient metal-to-metal sealing system of the THINKTANK‘s Triple Offset Valve assures bidirectional zero leakage shutoff in even the most demanding applications, and we also manufacture high-performance(double offset design) butterfly valves which have rugged reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field, this high-performance valve provide the highest quality and highest […]

What are Valve Standards?

ansi standard

Many kinds of valves are used in the industrial process, and to ensure proper functionality, compatibility, and safety for end-users, EPC, or engineering, every country has particular organizations to make standards. The major standard organizations include the American National Standards Institute(ANSI), American Petroleum Institute(API), The American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME), British(BS), China valve standards(GB, JB, […]

What are the Physical Properties of Media

saturated water

Critical Temperature (Tc) The maximum temperature at which a gas can be converted into a liquid by an increase inpressure. Critical Pressure (Pc) The minimum pressure would suffice to liquefy a substance at its critical temperature. Above the critical pressure, increasing the temperature will not cause fluid to vaporize to give a two-phase system. Critical […]

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