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Which valves are used in the chemical industry?

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    There are many types of industrial valves used in chemical plants, it depends on different performance requirements, valve body, drive method, and more specifications. To assistant you with high-performance plant planned, operating on schedule, and cost-effective maintenance, we are here to provide you with profitable and valuable valves. THINKTANK valves work for Chlorine service, Polyolefins, Polymers, Ethylene, and propylene, you name it.

    The following are the valves commonly used in the chemical industry.

    • On/off Valves

    On/off valves used in chemical plants request intelligent, reliable for general and high-cycle conditions, THINKTANK helps our customers select the right on/off valves with cost-effective, tight shut-off, fast response, safe operation solutions.

    1. Butterfly valves
    2. Ball valves
    3. Segment valves
    butterfly valves
    butterfly valves
    ball valves
    ball valves
    butterfly valves3
    butterfly valves3
    eccentric plug pneumatic control valve
    eccentric plug pneumatic control valve
    • Control Valves

    Control valves are the most important part to ensure accurate, repeatable, and reliable flow/pressure control performance in the process. Every single control valve should be selected and sizing very carefully based on various process parameters. We at THINKTANK understand the conditions under which industrial valves must perform, help our customers save cost, and select the right control valves for their systems.

    1. Globe type control valves
    2. Segment ball control valves
    3. Eccentric plug control valves
    4. High performance butterfly valves
    5. Ball valves
    • ESD Valves

    Emergency shutdown valves(ESD valves) request valve must shutdown immediately when happening emergency situation. It is assembled with intelligent controls, actuators, and valves.

    1. Butterfly valves
    2. Ball vavles

    THINKTANK achieve a SIL certificate for ESD valves and focused on the valve selection process, which is the important part to prevent future issues during ESD valves working time. The right ESD valve selection needs to consider valve type, pressure rating, temperature, material, shutdown time, control type, and other customers’ requirements. If the valve doesn’t meet the condition, it will cause a big disaster.

    Select the right valves for chemical plants

    Based on the rich experience of different chemical industry processes, we, THINKTANK experts will help you to select the perfect valves for your application with satisfying materials and sizes. We provide a wide range of valves for different standards and designs, make sure the optimal solution for your unique needs.

    valves used in chlorine drying acid distribution
    valves used in chlorine drying acid distribution

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    With a customer base that includes over 42 of the world’s leading engineering&contractors and international valve brands, THINKTANK Valves offers cost-effective valves that help our customers achieve automated process control without paying high prices.

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    solenoid valve in control valve

    What is SOV(solenoid valve) in Control Valve 

    Solenoid valves are often used in applications where a control valve is required to be actuated quickly to a fault position under certain conditions. It is generally designed to be in the air supply line and is an important accessory to the air control system.

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    diesel generators

    Fusible Link Valves For Diesel Generators

    The fusing link valve for the diesel generator set includes the valve body and actuator, and the valve body and actuator are fixed by a fixed bracket/yoke. The actuator of the fused valve includes the shaft, fusible link, manual/gear operator, actuator protection cover, limit switch, etc.

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    sluice gate valve

    Sluice Gate Valve 101

    The sluice gate valves are real end-of-line valves designed to hold back water with minimal leakage in applications such as drains, sump tanks, and distribution boxes.

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    condensate recovery system

    Condensate Return System

    Condensate has a large amount of heat, generally accounting for about 20-30% of the total heat of steam, and for some equipment, it can be as high as 40%.  Therefore, if high-temperature condensate can be recycled as boiler make-up water or used for secondary flash steam, it not only saves industrial water but also saves a large amount of fuel.

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    three way control valves

    Water Mixing

    Water mixing is the mixing of water at different temperatures, and the resulting mixing temperature varies at different hot and cold flows

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