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Which data should be considered when we calculate and select control valves?

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    About THINKTANK Valves

    THINKTANK belongs to a family-held valves manufacturer in Taiwan, We have been provided lots of optimal fluid solutions for the world’s industrial process since 2012, and we are not only focused on quality, performance but flexibility, and long-term value service for our customers.

    The process parameters we will consider during THINKTANK’s engineers calculate and select control valves are the following. Simply to say 26 points.

    1. Process Medium: Boiler main feedwater, steam, gas, hydrogen or others.
    2. Design Temperature/Operating Temperature
    3. Design Pressure/Inlet Pressure/Outlet Pressure/Shut-off Pressure
    4. Max./Nor./Min Flow Rate: If gas(Nm³/h), steam or liquid(m³/h or kg/h)
    5. Density/Specific Gravity/Molecular W.
    6. Dynamci Viscosity: mPa.s(If viscous material is required)
    7. Compressibility/Critical press. Pc: For gas, Vapor press. Pv
    8. Special Requirements: Two phase flow, suspended particles?
    9. Valve Service: Such as vent valve, syngas control valve, vaccumn valve and so on
    10. Failure Position: Valve close/open/last
    11. Pipe Size/Material/Class
    12. Flow Characteristic: EQ&, Linear, quick open, on/off
    13. Body/Trim Material
    14. Packing and Style of Bonnet
    15. Leakage Class
    16. Valve Type: Globe, ball, butterfly, gate or etc.
    17. Connection Type: Flange, threaded, or welding
    18. Actuator Type: Pneumatic(single-acting, double-acting), electric, handwheel, hydraulic, handle
    19. Handwheel: Side-mounted, top-mounted, gear operated
    20. Positioner: E/P Mechnical type, digital/smart type, input signal, feedback signal, HART/FF/PA, Intrinsically safe/flameproof, single/double acting
    21. Limit Switch
    22. Solenoid Valve
    23. Air Filter Regulator
    24. Valve Open to Close Time(Full Stroke)
    25. Valve Enviroment Require
    26. Certificate and Manufacturing Required: SIL, API6D ect.
    ce1 (2)
    iso (2)
    sil1 (2)
    ecm (2)
    ce2 (2)
    ce mark (2)

    Quality – Every THINKTANK valve is designed by ourselves. We start with basic parts calculations, such as wall thickness, stem strength, top flange design and sizing, and so on. Taiwan engineers group design and calculation of valves from the inside out, if necessary we do FEA, CFD and other analyses to assistant.
    The highest quality materials that we used in our valves, And combined with our surface hardening, proprietary components, and design features. Not only that, in 2021, we start a startup of an R&D company – Shanghai Myers Valves Co., Ltd, to do real testing before the mass production.
    We never compromise materials or designs to save costs. Even we get lots of pressure from the market, we do believe time will tell the truth.
    Performance – At THINKTANK, you are not paying for a simple name of products, you are buying the best performance valve for your application. We have 9 years of experience in control valves and self-operated pressure regulators manufacturing, 30 years of general valves, and pneumatic actuators manufacturing.
    Flexibility – Whether it’s custom-designed valves or just a slightly modified one, we specialize in providing what our customers exactly want, not in selling a ‘COMPROMISE’. With a ‘Say Yes’ attitude, we provide proper engineering support, a standard test, and inspection. All products comply with ISO9001:2015 certificate, CE certificate, SIL3 functional system. We are small enough to be able to respond to our customers’ unique wishes.
    Long-term value service – A good initial investment will bring you a long-term reward. Without years of trouble-free service, cost-effective spare parts. This means you may think the initial cost is more expensive, but actually bring you no worries equipment. We put everything on the table, not on the visible costs, but also the hidden costs.
    A wise man said: Be very careful when choosing a new supplier. The disappointment of poor quality lasts much longer than the joy of low prices.

    We are proud of our consistent words and deeds.

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    Contact Us

    With expertise in valves and rich experience in the oil&gas, chemical industry, textile mills, power plants, and sugar mills. THINKTANK has become the premier manufacturer of next-generation precision control valves.

    With a customer base that includes over 42 of the world’s leading engineering&contractors and international valve brands, THINKTANK Valves offers cost-effective valves that help our customers achieve automated process control without paying high prices.

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