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What are the main considerations for the selection of pneumatic control valve material?

The service life of the valve will not only be affected by the material selection, but the overall cost of equipment as well, if the material selection is correct and can match the process conditions.
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    The pneumatic control valve is mainly used in the pipeline flow, pressure or temperature needs to be adjusted and high precision requirements of the working conditions.

    The service life of the control valve will not only be affected by the material selection, but the overall cost of equipment as well, if the material selection is correct and can match the process conditions.

    This guide will help you to make the right choice of control valve material for your application

    A control valve is a mechanical device that opens and closes a flow path to control the flow of fluids. There are a variety of valves used in different industries, such as chemicals, oil & gas, food, water, sugar mills, textile mills, power plant, etc. The selection of the control valve is very important for the operation and the life of the equipment. Valve material selection has a great influence on the efficiency of the plant and the equipment.

    Media Characteristics 

    Media characteristics are mainly considered whether it is corrosive, corrosion strength, media concentration, whether the media contains particles, particle size, particle softness, hardness, and other physical and chemical properties; whether the media is toxic, and whether it allows zero leakage. Thus choose the appropriate corrosion-resistant materials and wear-resistant materials.

    seat material
    control valve trim material

    Medium Temperature

    The temperature of the medium is an important physical characteristic of the medium, the choice of valve sealing material needs to avoid the impact of high or low temperature on its physical properties and harm; the structure of the actuator also needs to be more carefully considered, the actuator mechanism components to make a reasonable choice of protection.

    pressure and temperature of valve 2.jpg 2
    pressure and temperature of the valve

    Medium Pressure

    Media pressure is mainly considered upstream pressure, downstream pressure, and valve design pressure. When the working conditions appear high drop pressure that needs to make special treatment of the internal parts, such as plug, stem, seat, and cage hardness treatment, considering the performance of various materials under the exact conditions.

    In Conclusion

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