Refining Industry: Hydrogenation, Delayed Coking, Catalyst Regeneration, Reforming, Sulfur Recovery

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The refining industry has undergone many changes, from the methods of processing to the length of time that they operate their process units. These changes, along with the emergence of low sulfur fuel specifications, the requirement to process lower grade crude and the need to convert more bottom-of-the-barrel residuals, has put an extreme demand on isolation and control valves. Unreliable and unpredictable valves in emergency situations can cause enormous monetary losses and have devastating consequences for personnel. THINKTANK has responded to these challenges by developing a combination of diverse trim configurations and high quality coatings for use in high temperature, high pressure, erosive, corrosive, viscous and coking/asphaltene applications.

Reference List

  • Air preheater of 10 million tons of atmospheric and vacuum furnace soot blowing device of Petrochemical.
  • 2.5 million tons of atmospheric and vacuum air preheater soot blowing device of Tianjin Petrochemical.
  • 3.2 million tons of diesel hydrogenation plant of Tianjin Petrochemical.
  • 10 million tons of atmospheric and vacuum air preheater of Tianjin Petrochemical Soot blowing device.
  • Tianjin Petrochemical 1.8 million tons of hydrocracking/1.3 million tons of wax oil hydrogenation.
  • Shengli Oilfield Petrochemical Project.

Case Study

Project Name: Refinery Industry 20000Nm3/h Hydrogen Production Project

Project Date: May, 2013

Project Location: Shaanxi Province, China

The information of end-user:

Yulin Oil Refinery is located in the eastern suburbs of Jingbian County, Shaanxi Province, and was founded in 1993. In the initial stage of plant construction, the plant’s scale is only 150,000 tons/year of crude oil processing capacity and 70,000 tons/year of secondary processing capacity. Through more than ten years of development, the current installation’s primary crude oil processing capacity is 2 million tons/year, and the secondary processing capacity is 800,000 tons/year.


Yulin Oil Refinery mainly processes crude oil in the Yulin area. It is estimated that the crude oil output in 2014 will be close to 5 million tons/year, which exceeds the refinery’s processing capacity. Therefore, the entire 5 million tons/year crude oil processing and supporting system transformation must be implemented as soon as possible to meet the rising demand for crude oil production in the Yulin area. And to cooperate with the country’s gasoline and diesel product upgrades, a 20,000Nm3/h hydrogen production device was designed in a combined device of 900,000 tons of gasoline and 2 million tons of diesel to ensure gasoline and diesel indicators meet the national level IV standards.


The design of the hydrogen production unit in the combined plant. This hydrogen production unit is designed for a reformed gas hydrogen extraction unit with 13000Nm3/h qualified hydrogen, with a design load of 60%~110%, and a conversion hydrogen production unit with a scale of 20000Nm3/h qualified hydrogen with a design load of 40%~110%.


THINKTANK has provided 92 control valves for this device, used for raw gas pretreatment, conversion and medium temperature conversion, medium variable gas heat exchange and cooling, acid water recovery system, and PSA hydrogen purification unit. The products range includes globe type control valves, ball valves, high-performance butterfly valves, gate valves, etc.

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