Fusible Link Valves For Diesel Generators

diesel generators

The fusing link valve for the diesel generator set includes the valve body and actuator, and the valve body and actuator are fixed by a fixed bracket/yoke. The actuator of the fused valve includes the shaft, fusible link, manual/gear operator, actuator protection cover, limit switch, etc.

Steam Traps 101

types of steam trap valves 1 1

a trap is an automatic valve that automatically drains condensate from steam to the outside of the valve body while maintaining tight contact with live steam, if necessary, allowing steam to flow at a controlled or adjusted rate.

Automatic Control Valve White Paper

acv 100 design

An automatic control valve is also known as a hydraulic control valve, which is a valve that uses the pressure of water in the pipe network to control the opening and closing and adjust the opening of the valve.

Duckbill Check Valve Guidelines

duckbill check valve for sewage and rainwater1

The duckbill check valve is made of complete rubber material, preventing backflow. It is widely used for pumping stations, wetwell aeration and mixing, stormwater discharge, CSO / SSO systems, detention ponds, site drainage, flood control systems, floatables control, hydrostatic pressure relief, airport, and highway applications.

Control Valves 101: Valve Types, Applications, Components, and Accessories

globe type control valves thinktank

The role of control valves in the industrial process loop is becoming increasingly important. As a reliable control valve manufacturer, we would like to introduce the different types of control valves, components, functions, application scenarios, and valve accessories, in a systematic and professional way in this article. Basic Introduction to Control Valves In this section […]

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