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What is Vapor Pressure

Vapor Pressure

The vapor pressure of a liquid is the equilibrium pressure of a vapor above its liquid (or solid); that is, the pressure of the vapor resulting from evaporation of a liquid (or solid) above a sample of the liquid (or solid) in a closed container.

Is flow through a control valve turbulent or laminar?

Noisy From Control Valve

Any process flow through piping and control valves is almost always considered as turbulent. The reason being the process has to go through so many twists and turns, expansion, reduction in piping, and elbows, valves, etc.

What is meant by Critical Pressure and Critical Temperature?

Critical Pressure

The critical pressure is the vapor pressure of a fluid at the critical temperature above which distinct liquid and gas phases do not exist. As the critical temperature is approached, the properties of the gas and liquid phases become the same, resulting in only one phase.

What is the trim in a control valve?

Multi Hole Cage Of Control Valves

The internal parts of the valve body, valve stem, valve seat, packing set, valve plug, gasket, etc. are collectively referred to as valve trim. In other words, all wetted parts that can be disassembled and replaced in the valve body are part of the control valve trim.

What is incipient cavitation?

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Incipient cavitation represents the beginning stage of cavitation where light popping noises are heard. Constant cavitation is a steady rumbling sound associated with the start of possible valve damage.

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