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Closing Time of Valve with Hydraulic Actuator

valve closing time

When both pinch valves and knife gate valves use hydraulic actuators, the closing time calculation becomes a bit more standardized due to the similar nature of the actuation mechanism. Hydraulic actuators can provide quick and powerful movements, which is beneficial for both types of valves, especially in applications requiring rapid shut-off. Here’s how you can approach estimating the closing times for both valves with hydraulic actuators:

FAQs Steam Valves

steam valves

This post cover a wide range of topics about steam valves, their applications, design considerations, and specific uses in steam systems.

TOP 10 Axial Flow Control Valves Manufacturers in The World 2024

axial valve

In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the demand for efficient and reliable axial flow control valves has surged, underscoring the critical role these components play in operational integrity and system performance. For entities involved in engineering procurement and construction (EPC), along with valve wholesalers, importers, trading companies, engineering companies, brands, distributors, and agents, identifying the […]

Pressure Unit Conversion Calculator

pressure unit conversion

Pressure Unit Conversion Calculator Pressure Converter Pressure Converter Input Unit: Pascal (Pa)BarPSI (Pound-force per square inch)Atmosphere (atm) Output Unit: Pascal (Pa)BarPSI (Pound-force per square inch)Atmosphere (atm) Pressure Value: Convert Result: Units of Pressure This calculator converts between the following units of pressure: Pressure Unit Conversion 1 Unit Symbo Convert to (Pa) Equal atm 101325 at 98066.5 […]

CV to GPM Calculator

cv to gpm

Converts a valve’s CV (Flow Coefficient) to GPM (Gallons Per Minute), you would need to provide inputs for the CV value and the pressure drop across the valve (ΔP) in PSI (pounds per square inch), as the basic formula to convert CV to GPM under specific conditions is: where: CV is the valve’s flow coefficient,ΔP […]


cv to scfm converter

To convert a valve’s CV (flow coefficient) to SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute), you need to consider the specific application conditions, including the type of fluid (gas), its pressure, and temperature. The CV value represents the flow rate of water in gallons per minute (GPM) through a valve with a pressure drop of 1 […]

CV Value Calculator

valve cv value calculator

The CV value in the context of a valve refers to the valve’s flow coefficient. It is a measure of the capacity of the valve to flow a fluid under specific conditions. The CV value is used to quantify the flow rate of fluids (liquids and gases) through a valve at a given pressure drop […]

Set Pressure of Safety Valve

safety valves supplier thinktank

Set pressure is the predetermined pressure at which the safety valve starts to open under operational conditions, measured as gauge pressure at the valve inlet. At this pressure, under specified operational conditions, the force generated by the medium pressure to open the valve is balanced with the force keeping the valve disc on the valve. In this post, we will let you know different set pressure of safety valves for different applications.

How Do Air Relief Valves Work

inlet air relief valve

air valves automatically release entrapped air, preventing issues like headloss, flow reduction, and structural damage

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