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Ball Valve Data Sheet

2PCS Forged Steel Ball Valve

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The THINKTANK A105 Forged Steel Class 800 Ball Valve features PTFE seats and a reduced bore, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications including petrochemical, steam, mining, and industrial sectors. This valve is designed according to ASME B16.34 standards and comes with NPT ends compliant with ASME B1.20.1. Each valve undergoes rigorous testing in accordance with API 598 to ensure reliable performance and durability.

2pcs forged steel ball valve


Specification 2PCS Forged Steel Ball Valve

Size: DN 1/4“ to DN 2“
Material: ASTM A105
Ends: Threaded female BSP, NPT, BW, or S.W.
Min Temperature: – 30°C in S.S. and – 10°C in Carbon Steel
Max Temperature: + 180°C
Pressure Rating: 800LBS, 1500LBS, 2500LBS


  • Anti blow-out stem
  • Fire safe
  • Full bore



  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industries,
  • Hydraulic Installation,
  • Compressed Air
class 800 pressure v temperature

Main Part Material List

NO.Part NameA105/F6eLF2/304F304(L)/304(L)F316(L)/316(L)F51/F51
14Flat nut8888M8M
43WrenchANSL1025ANSI 1025ANSI 1025ANSI1025ANSI1025
46LocatorANSI 1025ANSI 1025ANSI 1025ANSI 1025ANSI 1025
2pcs forged steel ball valve class 1500
2pcs forged steel ball valve class 2500

2PCS Forged Steel Valve Class 800

One end is welded pipe(butt-welding or socket welding)and the other is the thread, design comply with standard BS5351.

Reduced Port1/23/411-1/41-1/22
Full Port1/43/81/23/411-1/41-1/222-1/2
Face to Face (mm)L170708095115125135155  一
Coupling Pipe End to Center (mm)L2121121121130136140148160  一
Center to Handle End (mm)B160160160160170230230280  一
Height (mm)H6060606585105105125  一
Flow Port Dimension (mm)d6912.51724373749  一
Weight (kg)  一

2PCS Forged Steel Valve Class 1500&2500

One end is welded pipe(butt-welding or socket welding)and the other is thread, design comply with standard API6D

Full PortPressure Rating1/43/81/23/411-1/41-1/22
Face to Face (mm)L1CL1500808095115125   135  155155
CL2500125135155  155
Coupling Pipe End to Center (mm)L2CL1500121121130136140   148  160175
CL2500136140148  175
Center to Handle End (mm)BCL1500160160160170230   230  280280
CL2500230230280   280130
Height (mm)HCL150060606585105   105  125
CL250090110125   一
Flow Port Dimension (mm)dCL1500691319253238
Weight (kg)CL15001.   一11.5
CL25001.   一12

Installation and Maintenance Guide

Before Installation

  • Ensure the pipeline is cleared of all debris, including welding residues, shavings, and any other foreign materials.
  • Align the pipeline precisely and confirm that its supports are adequately sized to avoid any external stresses.
  • Select the appropriate product for sealing the valve, considering the service conditions.
  • Apply the correct bolt tightening technique to avoid damage to the valve ends.
  • During any welding operations involving Socket Weld (S.W.) valves, keep the valve half-open and ensure the temperature does not exceed 120°C to protect the valve seat.

Cleaning and Testing

  • Keep the valves closed during cleaning to prevent impurities from entering between the ball and the valve body.
  • Perform pressure tests only with a clean pipeline.
  • Partially open the valve during pressure tests and ensure the pressure does not exceed the limits specified in API 598.


  • It is advisable to operate the valve (open and close) one to two times per year to ensure smooth functionality.
  • Before performing any maintenance, confirm that the pipeline is depressurized, drained, and isolated.
  • Ensure that the environmental temperature is low enough to safely perform maintenance tasks.
  • If dealing with corrosive fluids, perform inert installation procedures before any intervention.
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