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What is choked flow in control valves?

Liquid Flow In A Control Valve As A Function Of The Pressure Drop Across The Valve

Blocking flow is defined as a point at which increasing the pressure drop (△P) while maintaining a constant inlet pressure (P1) will not result in a further increase in flow.

What is Flashing in Control Valves?

Control Valve Flashing Plug

Flashing occurs when a liquid flows through a control valve and evaporates to retain the vapor. Flashing has some characteristics in common with Cho flow and Cavitation, I. E. The process begins with the vaporization of liquid near the Vena Cava. In order to treat the control valve application as a flash application, the downstream pressure must be less than the steam pressure (p 2 < PV) .

What is Cavitation for Control Valves?

Cavitation Definition For Control Valves

Cavitation is the formation and collapse of vapor bubbles (cavities) in the liquid flow streams caused by changes in pressure and velocity. There are four primary negative side effects of uncontrolled cavitation in control valves: high noise, excessive vibration, material damage, and deterioration of flow effectiveness. Physical damage to valve trim is usually characterized by a pitted, rough appearance.

What is CV of Control Valves?

Cv Curve

Control valve CV refers to the flow coefficient of the valve. It applies to the factor of the head drop (Δh) or pressure drop (ΔP) over a valve with the flow rate Q.

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