Manual Pinch Valve

Manual Pinch Valve

Pinch valves are commonly used in wastewater treatment plants (sludge treatment, gravel cleaning, raw sewage, lime, carbon sludge), power plants (FGD systems, ash removal systems, coal conveying), mining (tailings, flotation control, sludge discharge lines, tailings filling, various other slurries) chemical processes (corrosive and abrasive media, powders, particles) and paper mills, food industry, pulp mills, glass, electronics industry, cement industry, sand,  and industrial wastewater treatment plants and many other fields.

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Description of Manual Pinch Valve

Pinch valves are ideal valves for fluids containing solid particles or contaminants to isolate and regulate pipelines. Because the sleeve is the only part in touch with the medium, it is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion. Even if complicated chemical processes are occurring in the pipeline, the pinch valve is still easy to handle them. Its applications include power plants, sewage treatment plants, mining, and chemical process control.

manual pinch valves


  • Body Material: Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Aluminium
  • Size: DN25 to DN1000
  • Nominal Pressure: PN16
  • Valve Type: Straight Through
  • Max. Working Pressure: 2.5MPa
  • Max. Shutoff Differential Pressure: 0.25MPa
  • Full Travel Loading Time(Open to Close): ≤3S
  • Effective Diameter: 25 to 1000mm
  • Leakage Class: IV. (Refer to standard API598)
  • Connection Type: Flange

Dimension of Pinch Valve

dimension of pinch valve










Valve Size PN(Bar) A B C Weight/Kg (Pneumatic Pinch Valve) Weight(Manual Pinch Valve)
25 1-25 165 125 255 11 8
32 1-25 165 140 260 14 10
40 1-25 165 180 265 16 12
50 1-25 165 190 280 18 13
65 1-25 165 210 310 22 17
80 1-25 200 245 370 36 27
100 1-25 250 278 410 46 33
125 1-25 310 340 465 74 48
150 1-16 375 400 560 106 75
200 1-10 500 480 690 159 119
250 1-6 625 570 865 213 161
300 1 750 720 1020 279 212


Power Plant

  • FGD System
  • Coal Conveying Device
  • Scrubbing System
  • Fly Ash Control

Chemical Process Control

  • Corrosive and Abrasive Material
  • Powder
  • Particle
  • Waste Treatment

Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Sludge Control
  • Sand Removal
  • Raw Sewage
  • Lime, Carbon Slime

Mining Plant

  • Tailing Disposal
  • Flotation Control
  • Multiple Mud Control
  • Dredge Pipeline

Which Benefits Will You Get If Buy Pinch Valves From THINKTANK?

pneumatic pinch valves manufacturer

● High Wear and Corrosion Resistance

Our pinch valves can handle all types of medium concentration acid and arbitrary concentration alkali salt solution, and these pinch valves can carry pulp, dry and wet powder, and crystalline material medium.

● Complete Diameter

When the pinch valve is open, its overall design may be totally integrated with the pipeline system; it won’t modify the pipe’s diameter or structure and has no impact on the pipeline’s flow medium.

● Can be Closed with Particles

Because the pinch valves are self-cleaning, any particles that accumulate in the sleeve wall are broken away when the valve is activated. This is attributed to the sleeve’s flexibility, which allows the valve to last longer than many rival products currently on the market.

● There is No Leakage.

When the valve is coupled to the pipe, the flow path and control medium space are entirely separated, and there will never be internal and external leakage, therefore eliminating running, risk, drop, leakage, and so on.

● Low Maintenance Costs

Pinch valves do not have seats, packing, rings, or telescopic tubes that need to be replaced on a regular basis. Only the sleeve needs to be replaced. The valve will be as good as new when the sleeve is changed.


Sleeve Materials For Pinch Valves

Sleeve Material Suitable Temperature Typical Medium Application
Styrene Butadiene,
Flowrox Blend
‘-40°C  to +110°C Abrasive materials, diluted acid, alkali and chemical applications Heavy wearing
High cycle frequency
Ethylene Propylene
40°C to +120°C Concentrated and oxidizing chemicals Chemical applications
– Applicable to 75% of all
industrial chemical applications
Nitrile Rubber
-30°C to +100°C Oils, fats, fuels, hydrocarbon, lubricants Applications involving oils, fats
and hydrocarbon
Natural Rubber
‘-50°C to +75°C Abrasive materials, diluted acids, alkali a chemicals High wear applications
-30°C to +160°C Oils, fats, fuels hydrocarbon, lubricants High temperature applications
Natural Rubber
Foodstuff Quality
White inner lining
-40°C to +75°C Media used in food and other CIP (clean-in-place) processes, alcohol Foodstuff applications
-Fulfils FDA Food and Drug Administration) requirements
Nitrile Rubber
White inner lining
-30°C to +100°C Vegetable and animal oils and fats Applications involving fatty foodstuff
-Fulfls FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements
Ethylene Propylene, Blend
-40°C to +100°C Green liquor, alkaline and extraneous matter in green
liquor processes
Pulp and paper industry’s
green liquor application
Chloroprene Rubber
-40°C  to +100°C Chemicals, acids, several solvents, aliphatic oils, fats,
Special-purpose chemical applications
-Resilient to ozone and averse
Fluorine Rubber
-20°C to +120°C Chemicals, aliphatic oils, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbon Special-purpose chemical applications
-Resilient to ozone and averse weather
-40°C to +100°C Chemicals, acids, several solvents, aliphatic oils, fats, lubricants Special-purpose chemical applications
-Resilient to ozone and averse weather
-40°C to +100°C Concentrated and acidic chemicals, vegetable oils Special-purpose chemical applications
-Impermeable to gas
Polyurethane with
PU lining
-10°C to +80°C Abrasive materials, diluted chemicals, hydrocarbon, oils, lubricants Abrasive media applications

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